SteamPoweredTV – Steam Powered Combat s5e3 – Epic Morvahna vs. Rhyas 35pts – SPEEDmachine

Greetings Muse On Minis! This here is the premier of SteamPoweredTV on this site and we’re starting off with 35pts of SPEEDmachine as we take on the Legion of Everblight with our shinny new warlock, Morvahna the Dawnshadow! Enjoy!

Author: Tinman_XL

SteamPoweredTV is a web series dedicated to miniature wargaming and mainly centered on the games of Warmachine and Hordes. For more than five years we've brought you a variety of content that includes Battle Reports, Showcasing Miniatures, Watgaming Roadtrips, Terrain Building, and more.

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