Secrets of the True Law – Vindictus the Fixer


In a faction that prefers good fashion to good defensive stats and off-roading, dangers abound. Many a prospective Protectorate warcasters’ life has been cut tragically short by the deadly stink of Ravagore breath and the unfortunate and ironic flammability of priestly robes. Still more have been found riddled with crossbow bolts fired by nefarious Arcane Assassins from unreasonable distances. Others have been beaten before the battle even began, cursing the gods that decided a 12″ forest in the dead center of the table was a good idea. Being forced to retreat and clean sticks and briars out of your finely-woven cloth raiments is an experience best avoided.

Fortunately, some warcasters in the Protectorate care nothing for fashion.


A group of Zealots attempt to stifle their laughter upon seeing Vindictus’s new clothes

The “Vice” in Vice Scrutator Vindictus couldn’t be more apt. Vicey Vindy is the man you call on when it absolutely, positively has to get there overnight without being shot to death by the heathen across the table. Staring down eLylyth with triple Ravagores? Vindictus is your man. Coming up on a battle with the evil elves of Ios? Vindictus laughs off their pathetic crossbow bolts – or simply laughs when the pile of zealots in the way starts blocking the shots. Vindictus is the perfect man to send in when Harbinger, pKreoss, pSeverius, High Reclaimer, or Reznik would be forced out of usefulness by the threat of ranged assassination. He might not be your “drop against anything” warcaster, but he’ll definitely bail you out of a rough situation with his manly confidence and utter distain for appropriate warcasting attire. His casual disregard for the lives of Zealots is your boon.

Vindictus is also the guy you pair up with your favorite warcaster to fix the relative lack of Pathfinding models in Menoth’s armies. We’ve all sat down at a table that looks something like this:

So... the river is clear terrain, right?

So… the river is clear terrain, right?

Or this…


So… those walls are clear terrain, right?

Or this…

Forest Table

So… the table is clear… seriously, which spawn of Everblight set this table up?

And we were all probably cursing the Lawgiver and/or the local TO for forgetting that some factions have to get by without all-terrain mods for their Warjacks. Vindictus may not be your best choice for your opponent’s army, but sometimes the terrain skews the matchup so far in one direction that any other choice is suicide. Heck, there are even warcasters who will rudely turn a huge amount of the table into Rough Terrain, which can spell the end of your melee-focused list. When the terrain on the table is about to ruin your chances, bust out Vindictus, and introduce your unrepentant opponent to the pain that is True Path Weaponmaster infantry. I guarantee that your enemies will soon be clamoring for less terrain so that you don’t feel the need to unleash Vindictus on their paltry forces.

Finally, there’s an area that Vindictus shines that nary any other warcaster in the Protectorate dares even attempt…


Oops, wrong game…

Steamroller 2013 is Vindictus’s calling. Look no further than the best Dominator in the Protectorate, and among the best in the Iron Kingdoms. In fact, I propose we simply change his title to Chief Dominator Vindictus to avoid confusion. Though he may not have bound his soul to hell and he’s not in the business of drinking heavily, it takes more than a small effort to crack a warcaster who can sit on a 17/23 statline with no outside assistance. Defender’s Ward may seem like a waste on a single model, but when that single model is pumping out two scenario points a turn, it’s a worthy investment. Park a Reckoner nearby and your unwitting (living) adversary is facing down the possibility of 19/23 with an angry Reckoner ready to seek vengeance should they fail. Warbeasts that need 12s to hit are not happy warbeasts at all, and anything further than spitting distance isn’t going to waste shots on a 17/23 so they can kill a single Zealot.

Vindictus is a fixer. He’s a matchup fixer, he’s a terrain fixer, and he’s fixing to put his toe in a zone and tell everyone to get ready for total domination…on…on…on. He may not be your all-star, go-to, face-smashingly high-powered warcaster, but boy will he save your bacon when the time comes. If you’ve been pining for a caster to solve your issues, Vindictus is your man.

Author: KestrelM1

I'm a recent convert to Warmachine/Hordes and tabletop gaming in general. My first tabletop game was Battletech, and I've moved through games like D&D, Star Wars Miniatures, 40k, and Infinity before getting into Warmachine. I am a die-hard fan of the Protectorate of Menoth. If you see any hand-drawn images in my posts, they are most likely the work of my lovely wife.

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