Secrets of The True Law – The Intercessor and the Judicator

It’s been a while, fellow menites, but today I wanted to talk to you about everyone’s least favorite caster/warjack combination, Kreoss3 and the Judicator.


Can I ride the Warpath too, boss?

I know, I know, Warpath doesn’t work on the big lady. But please, bear with me for a second. Pick up Kreoss3’s spell card, and put some tape or your finger over the part labeled “Warpath.” Now, tell me what’s left – my guess is your answer will be “a fantastic spell list!” Or at least that better be your answer, under pain of wracking. So, we’re in agreement then? Excellent.

Intercessor Kreoss

No! You must be this small to ride the Warpath

Here’s the problem with Warpath – in order to get a lot of use out of it you really want to bring a slew of warjacks, usually with guns. Those little guys are parasites of the highest order, constantly demanding more and more focus from your precious caster, focus you could be using to Force Hammer or Crevasse spray troublesome infantry. Focus you could be using to cycle Ignite onto multiple weaponmaster units. Focus you could be using to give your army re-rolls to hit against a model/unit (eat your heart out, Morvhana2. No really, do it, we are tired of killing all your stuff twice).

Now let’s look at the Judicator. In order to throw out four POW 9 blasts and two RAT7 POW 14 flamethrowers a turn this gal requires precisely… zero focus. She can even do an extra one with a two-point helper, and she’s courteous enough to bring along her own focus, perfect for blowing up extra-heretical models like Gorman and Eiryss! Unlike those silly Reckoners and Redeemers, Judy don’t need no man to help her lay down the pain on the unbelievers.

Unfortunately, her butt’s too big to fit on the path to war. She also has a little rule called Inaccurate, which is basically the only thing keeping her from blowing half a heavy off the table every turn, all game long. RAT3 isn’t so shiny against a field that averages out at DEF 12. But what if we had a way to generate DEF5 targets every turn? RAT 3 doesn’t have any problems hitting DEF5, generally, and the vast majority of heavies don’t like boosted POW16s every turn. Well, enter Kreoss3 and Force Hammer.

Force Hammer can generate a KD target every turn, if applied correctly. This, in sequence, allows big ol’ Judy to land two boosted and one un-boosted POW16 hit on a target of your choosing. Starting every turn with one (or two!) of your heavies knocked down and missing half it’s health boxes (if not all of them) sounds pretty frustrating – and frustration is great news for us. Throw a little Black Oil into the mix and you’ve got yourself some rage-inducing board states. Did I mention that they’ll likely have to screen their caster in creative ways every turn to keep this trick from ending the game immediately?


If there’s a path, I’ll War it up.

Obviously we’ll need some ways to actually apply all this goodness, so let’s bring along our buddy the Revenger to increase our threat vectors and keep Kreoss from having to leave his pony butt swinging in the breeze. By threat vectors I don’t mean just more ways to sling around spells, either – Warpath gives this guy some serious utility. I’m sure some of you know how annoying the infernal machine named Thorn can be, especially when it starts bouncing around after arc-ing spells. The Revenger with Warpath isn’t quite that annoying, but Menoth saw fit to give it a redeeming quality (no, not a skyhammer, though that would be friggin’ awesome). Unlike Thorn, the Revenger can and will kill warcasters and warlocks dead. The little guy is pretty unassuming until he rockets 11″ across the table and is putting a MAT10 POW17 charge attack into somebody’s caster from Reach distance, followed by some MAT8s, all with Crit Fire and potentially re-rolls thanks to Death Sentence, or maybe even just auto-hitting thanks to Force Hammer. It’s not the greatest assassination vector out there, but it’s definitely an unexpected feat from an ostensibly wimpy Arc Node.

These two jacks are probably all you need – letting you focus your attention on a good bit of Infantry you can buff around with Holy Ward, Ignite, and Death Sentence – albeit indirectly. The core will likely consist of:

Intercessor Kreoss (+5)
– Judicator – 18
– Revenger – 6
– Hierophant – 2
Choir of Menoth (Min) – 2
Vassal of Menoth – 2
Wracks – 1

Leaving you 24 points to play with at the 50-point level, perfect for a unit or two and a collection of solos, with an extremely solid and heretic-melting core to work around.

It’s not all sunshine and ranbows and perfection, as you may have guessed – those who have turned from Menoth’s light will often be daft enough to bring protection against knockdowns or ranged attacks or even shroud themselves with Stealth. In those cases you’ll simply be left with an absurdly hard-hitting Judicator (thanks Ignite!) and a caster-seeking Arc Node missile (thanks Ignite!) plus your choice of infantry.

So I wish you happy hunting, fellow menites, and may Kreoss3’s spell list bring you endless joy.

Author: KestrelM1

I'm a recent convert to Warmachine/Hordes and tabletop gaming in general. My first tabletop game was Battletech, and I've moved through games like D&D, Star Wars Miniatures, 40k, and Infinity before getting into Warmachine. I am a die-hard fan of the Protectorate of Menoth. If you see any hand-drawn images in my posts, they are most likely the work of my lovely wife.

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