Secrets of the True Law – The Harbinger’s Hidden Talent


Sometimes, the abilities that are printed on the card don’t tell the whole story. The Harbinger of Menoth has so many abilities that it’s often tough to remember one of her greatest strengths – the ability to pre-measure pretty much anything. After all, with a Control Area of 20″, there’s generally very little of the board you can’t measure to. The ability to accurately park your Reckoner exactly 12″ away from a Scythean or your Vanquisher 10″ away from a Bronzeback can be game-breaking.

But how do we take advantage of such a generous gift? Well, sometimes pre-measuring something can be easy. When your attacker and your target are kind enough to line up in a direct line (or close to that) to the Harbinger, measuring can be a matter of some fairly simple subtraction.

Make a measurement to your target, then measure to the front of your attacker’s base. Then subtract the second from the first and voila, pre-measuring!

(A quick note for those unfamiliar with Vassal: Ranges are measured in tenths of inches, so “Range 118” indicates 11.8 inches, while “Range 41″ indicates 4.1 inches.)

Here we can easily conclude that the Templar is 8.7″ away from the poor Ironclad – meaning we could safely leave the Templar where it is and avoid retaliation (Ironclads threaten 8.5″ without outside buffs). Alternatively, the Ironclad is well within the Templar’s charge range of 9” – so we could save focus by not casting Crusader’s Call.

Unfortunately, enemy models are not always polite enough to line up directly in front of your Warcaster and attacking unit. So what then? Well, actually, basically the same principles apply – but in this case, you need to measure to something different. Namely, you need to measure to the unit’s “depth” on the field – that is, where its base “would” be if it happened to be in front of you.

By measuring to the yellow and then the blue line, we can just do the same thing we did before – subtract the distance to yellow from the distance to blue, and conclude that the Templar and Ironclad are about 8.5″ apart – probably not a good place to park the Templar if you don’t want to get charged next turn, or alternatively well within range for a charge.

Sometimes units are rude enough to position themselves NOT directly across from one another – the nerve of some heretics is downright despicable. In this case we could attempt some fairly crazy trigonometry…

But that will probably just hurt your head. I have a simpler, less 8th-grade-math and more 2nd-grade-math – do the same thing we did before. You’ll notice that if you rotate the image above clockwise a bit, it’s basically the same as our second example – so why not just measure it the same way?

This time we’re 9.2″ away, so we’d need Crusader’s Call if we wanted to beat down that foolish heretical Ironclad.

Don’t let the blindfold throw you off. When fielding the Harbinger of Menoth, look through Menoth’s eyes – and know that the Wracks await you if you ever fall short on a charge!


I’m sure you’re wondering to yourself, “but Kestrel, my Warcaster’s FOC isn’t nearly as well-endowed as the Harbinger, how can I pre-measure too? Well, first I’d recommend converting to Menoth’s glory – after all, I’m required to set you on fire if you refuse. But let’s assume that you’ll convert successfully and cut your baby teeth on everyone’s favorite FOC5 battery, the High Reclaimer.

At first it seems like we lack for the distance that the Harbinger provides, but we can make it up in other ways. Consider the example below.

We’re playing the scenario Gauntlet, from Steamroller 2012. With our limited control area, it’s not possible to pull the same trick as before – measuring to the front of the Ironclad’s base isn’t an option. However, we can measure to the edge of the Zone, as well as to the front of our Templar. We can know that our Templar is 2.1″ into the zone – in fact, we probably could have gleaned this information earlier when we moved our Templar. The secret here is that there are several other distances we know that let us pre-measure.

You’ll excuse the sloppy measuring, but the point is that we know the Zone is 6″ wide, and there’s 4″ between them, meaning that there’s a total of 10″ from the back of one to the front of the other. Now we can put the information we gleaned earlier to use – we know that our Templar is 7.9″ from the front of the other zone. We can be pretty confident that the Ironclad is more than 1″ from the front of the zone, so we know that a Templar charge (9″ of Threat) will probably fall short. However, we know that we can move the Templar about .5″ up and be safe from retaliation.

I hope you use this information in the best interests of the Lawgiver, and do not divulge it to any of our foes – particularly Haley, Rasheth, The Old Witch, or anyone else that could use it against us. May your pre-measured charges strike terror into the enemies of Menoth!

Author: KestrelM1

I'm a recent convert to Warmachine/Hordes and tabletop gaming in general. My first tabletop game was Battletech, and I've moved through games like D&D, Star Wars Miniatures, 40k, and Infinity before getting into Warmachine. I am a die-hard fan of the Protectorate of Menoth. If you see any hand-drawn images in my posts, they are most likely the work of my lovely wife.

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