Secrets of the True Law – Second Wave Daughters

Daughters are a bit of an odd duck for most Protectorate players. A unit with high DEF, low ARM, SPD7, and two low POW weapons that paradoxically (nearly) always do damage? There’s even rumors they’re *gasp* not even male! Well, thankfully Menoth is an equal opportunity employer, so there’s plenty of room in the Protectorate for these nimble ninja nuns.

DaughtersOfTheFlameDaughters are often hailed as premier jam infantry – and indeed, with a run speed of 14″, ignoring free strikes the whole way and packing a native DEF15, only Satyxis Raiders offer more reliable jamming potential. However, all too many times the fate that befalls these noble women, after they run to jam the enemy, is their expedient death to a variety of counters (most taking advantage of their ARM12 – like blasts or Chain Lightning). Often Protectorate leaders are left scratching their heads as to what this particular maneuver accomplished, other than allowing the enemy to be rid of a unit of Daughters for free.

There’s a lot of value in keeping the enemy pinned back in SR2013 – denying the ability to enter zones is a boon, especially for slower Protectorate forces. Faster forces under casters like Vindictus can establish a battle line such that the enemy has to fight to even get near a zone or flag, much less contest it. However, those are topics we will save for another day (lest we anger the Lawgiver- he’s a bit touchy).

Today’s review of the true law will be about using Daughters a little differently. Despite their Advanced Deployment and their blistering speed, Daughters actually make for a heck of a “second wave” unit, in a way that provides significant support for our units with guns. This is something that doesn’t come naturally to the girls and requires a bit of shift in thinking. Most times the temptation is to deploy the girls as far up the AD line as they will go, then run them at the enemy as fast as possible. This is a more measured approach – I know the lawgiver isn’t really into measured approaches, but stick with me here.

Instead of using our Daughters as heretic-seeking missiles, we’re going to put them to work supporting some of our units with guns. Instead of going after the enemy head-first, they’re going to act as a pinning element so that our shooting units can get more work done. Open your True Law textbooks to page 556 and let’s look over the example:



In this example we see we have a unit of Zealots (+ UA) and Daughters facing down a unit of extra-heretical Nihilators. Normally this is a fairly bad matchup for our Zealots, who can usually buy a first strike opportunity with Greater Destiny but disappear fast to the counter-attacking Nihilators. For the purposes of this example we’re going to assume the Zealots get the first attack in…


And manage to blow up a couple nihilators. This is where we’d normally pop Greater Destiny to hopefully buy a turn of not dying – but in this case we brought some Daughters along to take care of the problem.


Go get ’em, girls!

Our zealots are saved from their horrible fate by the daughters moving into jamming/blocking position. They can do this because they can pass right through the zealots, and even though they may not get attacks in, they’re holding the Nihilators in place. Next turn we take advantage of this opening by simply having the Daughters charge/run off somewhere else, and then hammering the Nihilators with Zealot Bombs now that they’re freshly un-engaged from melee. Our daughters are also out of danger of dying to Zealot blasts and are probably tucking themselves deep into the enemy backfield.

This scenario assumes, of course, that we got the first shots in. What happens if, for whatever reason, the Nihilators manage to run into melee first?


This is way rougher for us. Normally in this situation we’d be forced to pop Greater Destiny and throw bombs (not a bad thing in the long run). Worse, though, is when we’ve already expended Greater Destiny and our Zealots are now stuck with their “wimpy” MAT6 P+S9 attacks. Well, in this case the Daughters serve to clear out the troublesome infidels.



With this we can clear out a good number if not all of the oppressors. Thus, the Zealots are freed to wreak havoc on the enemy’s back lines or simply jam themselves even deeper using Greater Destiny. Either way, a potential roadblock has been cleared by our daring Daughters. Best of all, we can maintain virtually any formation we want with the Zealots without having to concern ourselves with leaving charge lanes open for the Daughters – Acrobatics ensures that we always have a charge vector no matter how crowded the field gets!

Hopefully this passage of the True Law will steer you towards more varied and tactical uses of Daughters. Truly, they are a versatile unit that provides great support for shooting units and can perform so much more than simple jams. May Menoth smile upon you and may your Daughters’ blades always be sharpened.

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