Secrets of the True Law – Kreoss2’s Unusual Synergies


Kreoss2 is probably best defined as a “trendy” warcaster – he waxes and wanes in popularity among the faithful. Mostly, he wanes as the heretics vary their tactics and their defenses to deal with his unusual brand of auto-hitting truck-punching infantry. Nowadays he seems to be in his waning period, as he’s fallen to wayside behind more traditionally powerful casters like the Harbinger, Epic Feora, and his Prime incarnation. He often gets criticized by less pious “believers” who lament his typical forces’ lack of Pathfinder or speed above 5. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

eKreossI’ve received word from the main Menoth himself that Kreoss2 gets a very bad reputation for being one-dimensional due to his feat and his tier list. While there are plenty of merits to dozens of angry Exemplar charging across the table to inflict double-auto-hits on the enemy, a lot of them come with a fairly large set of caveats: DEF12, SPD5, no Reach. This adds up to meaning that Exemplar will heroically murder anything within their 8.5″ charge range, but they don’t often get to make that crucial extra swing except against heavy targets. It also means that anything without a hard-hitting melee attack typically gets left in the dust.

The part that rustles the Creator’s sensibilities is that there are plenty of ways around this, all provided by His graceful hand and his wrathful skyhammer rocket launcher. Today we’re going deep into the True Law to examine some units and solos that take advantage of Kreoss’s unique combination of abilities, despite being far outside his typical “stable” of units.



Much maligned even outside of Kreoss2 lists, Deliverers are a rare sight. These faithful amateur fireworks enthusiasts usually only see play whenever someone forgets how the Covenant’s Flames of Wrath ability actually works. Sacrosanct, however, makes them into scary counter-battery units. Sacrosanct is generally described as “annoying,” but unless there’s any meaningful way to capitalize on the Knockdown, Gunmages and their ilk are more than happy to sit back and do push-ups in order to pick of Exemplar models left and right. If they’re potentially going to eat rockets to the dome for doing so, though, they’ll be much more cautious about their shots. Having multiple knocked-down beacons for Deliverer shots, courtesy of Sacrosanct, is a serious boon for Deliverers.

They’re also a good hedge tool against high defense models – Kreoss2 rarely wants to feat in order to kill off a bunch of high DEF models that are jamming his infantry, he wants to save it for those big, juicy, heavy targets to get maximum work out of weapon master infantry. With a small pack of these guys along (say, 6 or so), you can clear out moderate numbers of high-def rocket-catcher infantry without having to use your most valuable resource to do so. You can even do it into the ranks of your Exemplar at low risk, as the Exemplar are far less likely to mind the POW6 rockets than the ARM11 infantry engaging them.


Orin Midwinter

Coming second on our illustrious list is a model that rarely sees play due to the Covenant being such a prominent option. Sacrosanct once again paves the way for lil’ Orin, as he loves little more than tossing an arc lightning into the fray and inflicting auto-pow10s on a good number of models. Even when he can’t be picking off low-arm infantry, he’s great for making Asphyxious and Caine very sad. Take that, Teleport!

He’s also a great option for anti-spell tech when your anti-knockdown needs are covered by Gravus, and you get a very sweet set of attacks out of the deal. His reach is longer (12″) and while he’s a little more fragile than the ol’ book, he can protect himself with stealth and he has infinitely more attacks than the little pair of page bearers.

Sadly even with a stack of power tokens he can’t benefit from the feat, otherwise he’d be pretty ridiculous. I mean, can you imagine a solo with, like, a bazillion auto-hitting attacks on the feat turn? That’d just be silly.


Oh, hey there mister Reclaimer. I didn’t see you standing behind that line of dudes over there. You really need to speak up when we do these segments, everyone just keeps leaving you behind.

You say you are amazing with Kreoss2? Why’s that? Just because there’s usually absolute buckets of souls on the table, who are usually dying at a pretty nifty clip thanks to their low defensive stats? Well, I guess that’s a good point. Kreoss2 is always a fan of camping focus, and anytime he doesn’t have to be bothered to allocate he sees that as a good deal. I guess we could take you along for that – It’s not like you can collect 5 souls at a time and put out 7 auto-hitting auto-fire attacks with Reach on eKreoss’s feat turn. Then you’d also be able to make 4 with boosted damage to REALLY put the hurt on. Oh wait, you can do that? That sounds flippin’ amazing! Why didn’t you just say so? I’ll never understand Reclaimers. Maybe if they could speak up we could do something about their defensive stats. Maybe they’ve been asking for heavy armor all these years but they haven’t spoken up about it. I wonder…

steelhead_halberdiersTemple Flameguard/Steelhead Halberdiers

We’re going to lump these two together to save time for ourselves, because nearly everything we can say about one we can say about the other. The bottom line is that if you want to maximize the pain on the feat turn, Reach is closest to Menothliness. Steelheads have the downside that they have to drag a silly little Priest around to make sure they stay faithful, but they do hit marginally harder than Flameguard and the ability to gain Pathfinder/Magic Weapons/Spell Ward is often handy. Slap Sacrosanct on them and you won’t even mind their paltry defensive stats, either – every dead Steelhead (or worse, Attendant Priest) is a new firing beacon for crossbows/rockets.

Flameguard, on the other hand, are much more receptive to Inviolable Resolve, as ARM19 under Iron Zeal is enough to bounce most attacks while they move into position. They hit a notch less hard than the Steelheads but nobody but Feora likes Fire as much as they do, and poking an entire unit of Kayazy to death with 5 of these guys is sweet, sweet bliss.

Heck, use both. They’re great vessels for their respective upkeeps and each trooper is practically guaranteed two kills on the feat turn. Even if only half of them make it, they’ll trade up without issue.

I hope the Lawgiver’s disappointment has been sated by this article, as we’d all love to see Kreoss2 gain some more table traction and bring the holy beatdown to the enemies of the Lawgiver. Next time you’re assembling a Kreoss2 army, reach for some of the options above. The lawgiver demands it!

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