Secrets of the True Law – High Reclaimer and Friends

Last week, we talked about how the High Reclaimer is making a comeback worthy of his own journey through Urcaen (he died for your souls!… then came back for your souls!). We talked at ludicrous length about all the ups and downs of Burning Ash. This week we’re going to open to our True Law books to the page titled “Keeping Reclaimers Happy.”

Happy Reclaimer Section I: Feat Targets

Resurrection (praise Menoth!) is a big deal. Plunking d3+3 models that can immediately dispense indiscriminate justice upon the enemies of the Lawgiver is a powerful boon indeed. Unlike many other feats in the Protectorate though, getting good value out of the feat requires you to bring models that maximize their utility when brought back. Now, obviously all true believers are equal in the eyes of Menoth, but unfortunately he didn’t see fit to make them all quite as deadly as one another. So which of the faithful should we select to continue punishment in the name of the Protectorate?


Having sand in every conceivable place will make anyone angry…

Idrian Skirmishers

Idrian Skirmishers don’t get a lot of love. The scrutators have to pull a lot of strings and line a lot of pockets to get these guys to even show up, and once they do they seem to be under the impression that dying for the Lawgiver (as quickly as possible) is the highest honor they can achieve. Well, the High Reclaimer isn’t having any of that – Burning Ash synergizes well with these guys in a number of ways. Not only do they love having a free source of Camouflage bonuses every turn, but they’re more than content to sit behind the clouds plinking away at enemies with their rifles every time the smoke wall lifts.

Idrians are also the best guns you can Resurrect (glory be to the Lawgiver!). Even just 4 of these guys will throw out a pair of RAT7, POW13 CRAs – and that’s assuming they don’t get to aim, which seems very likely considering how easy it is to put them in an ideal position with the feat. It’s also assuming they’re not going after their Prey, which will bump their shooting output through the roof – RAT9 POW13s are no joke, and neither is a RAT13 POW17 4-man CRA. Assault & Battery also means they pull double duty on any given turn – shooting and then backing away under smoke cover, or taking out two models apiece on the feat turn. If you want infantry dead as quickly as possible and still want a serious threat to any caster, bring along some of the desert dwellers and go to town.


I guess horses are part of some kind of package deal at the soul depot…

Exemplar Vengers

A wise man once said (repeatedly and at length) that in order for Cavalry to earn their points, they need to be able to make two charges per game. High Reclaimer says that two is a good starting place. Even assuming Burning Ash does nothing, a unit of Vengers is going to get to charge, get hits in, probably get plastered, and then get Resurrected (in Menoth’s name!) and do it all over again, this time at +2 STR, ARM, and Pathfinder, and probably from some really convenient angles. MAT9 P+S16 Blessed attacks with some Impact help on the way in are a quick way to put some hurt into just about anything.

Menoth forbid you actually get to hide these guys with Burning Ash. You’re in for a wonderful ride courtesy of our friend the High Reclaimer. Executing a cavalry charge followed by blocking all LoS to these guys is heavenly – ARM17 and Battle Driven hold up surprisingly well when enemy infantry can’t get any Charge dice, and hitting one of these guys in the back with an Ashes to Ashes gives them clearance to do it all over again.

They’re also a serious, non-linear, screening-model blowing-up threat to Warcasters and Warlocks alike – Resurrecting (all hail the Lawbringer!) four of these guys with a clear charge lane to the enemy caster is not as outlandish as it sounds, considering they can do it from 22″ away from their current leader. If you want elite heavy hitters who are a threat to everything always, go out and recruit a unit of Vengers.


Hit me with your best shot! Assuming you can see me

Hit me with your best shot! Assuming you can see me

Exemplar Bastions 

These guys don’t need much explination- you’ll see them in every High Reclaimer list ever made and for good reason. Few things are better than forcing your enemy to dig through 32+ HP worth of angry dudes with reach blessed weaponmaster attacks only to have to do it again, from the top. Bastions are the top tier when it comes to defensively Resurrecting (thanks be to Menoth!), as they require no small amount of effort to remove and will remain near full offensive output until they’re all dead (twice).

Their one downside is that they’re possibly the least offensively powerful of the models you can bring back. Both Idrians and Vengers are capable of taking out two or more models when they’re brought back, and they do it with higher threat ranges. However, neither of those units has the raw implacability of the Bastions. If you need a unit that will be around all game long, no matter how much firepower your opponent pours into them, grab some ridiculously over-sized shoulderpads and get to swinging.

Happy Reclaimer Section 2: Supporting Cast

According to the True Law, assembling a High Reclaimer army without at least one of the units above is punishable by wracking, burning, and a small fine – not necessarily in that order. However, all the units above do demand a premium cost for a relatively small number of models, and they often need a bit of help to get their work done. Well, enter the supporting cast. You’re probably already familiar with what these models do, so the description of each will be brief.


Fancy hat optional

Hierophant & Wracks

Two extra focus for a caster who baselines at five is a great deal. Wracks can be difficult to manage with High Reclaimer and his stumpy CTRL, but you’ll get used to working around them with time. The Hierophant granting +2 RNG to Ashes to Ashes is a huge boon as well.

Anastasia Di Bray

Anastasia is a useful addition for a couple of reasons. First, HR and his army tend toward the slower side of Protectorate forces, so having the advantage of going first more often thanks to Intelligence is a great boon. Second, only eHaley is better at getting Espionage to go off. Anastasia is solid gold behind a cloud or two, and she can effectively force an enemy warcaster out of the game on pain of another round of attacks from pissed-off exemplar.

Holy Zealots

Zealots are annoying when they have one turn of invincibility. Zealots are migrane-inducing when they have several turns of invincibility thanks to Burning Ash. You won’t even mind when they finally do die, because chances are they’ll just turn into Ashes to Ashes that punish whatever just killed them. The Zealots don’t mind either, because chances are they’ve taken more of their fair share of heretical scum with them. The only danger with Zealots is that they do not cope well with melee units running through the smoke wall to engage them.

Aiyana & Holt

This is really a personal preference of mine, but I am a huge fan of the privateer duo when running lists with a lot of infantry and no damage buffs. Kiss of Lylyss is a massive turn-on for units like Vengers, Bastions, and Idrians, and for that reason they often find a place in my list. The fact that Holt is no slouch and they both love having a smoke wall to hide behind is a cherry on top of their usefulness.


Get ready to praise Menoth so hard that your soldiers start magically re-appearing on the battlefield! High Reclaimer works well with a whole bunch of units, but the True Law is expressly clear – Idrians, Bastions, and Vengers with the right support are the key to victory in the name of Menoth!

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