The Road to WTC (Interlude): Lock N Load



So I’ve not been successful thus far in my crusade to deliver on-time articles.
I apologize for that.
A combination of life and work is probably going to continue to interfere with my efforts, so I can’t even promise it will improve.1

Since my reasons are largely irrelevant we’ll skip them and jump to what I decided to talk about, however briefly, today:
Playing for fun.

This is a really important aspect of the game that often doesnt get talked about when people are talking about “playing competitively”.

You want to know what all the players at the top tables have in common?
They dont have the same pattern of play.
They dont play the same number of games a week.
They dont all play multiple factions
They dont all play single factions

They enjoy playing.
Even if they don’t always look like it.

No Game = No Fun

No Game = No Fun. 11

Look at them! So much fun!

Look at them! So much fun!

Want to know why it seems like the top tables are more relaxed, the games seem smoother and cleaner?

They enjoy playing. They are (generally) having fun, regardless of the outcome.

I’m going to Lock N Load this weekend to play for the trophy

I really just want to be able to yell "I've got hand!" whenever my wife is winning an arguement.

I really just want to be able to yell “I’ve got hand!” whenever my wife is winning an arguement.

I’m not gonna lie4, I’d love to win that trophy.
What I’m looking forward to the most though is just getting to play some games. I’ve had three weeks of minimum play (three games total in the last four weeks) and dammit I really love playing this game.

That's my thinking face.

That’s my thinking face.14

So, given that I’m not successfully signed up for any of the events, due to working when the registration happened, I’m available for sweet games with any of you sweet people that want to play.

If you’re playing in tournaments, try to remember, you play this game for fun. We all do. Be courteous to your opponents, gracious in both victory and defeat. If you really need to vent after some terrible luck or horrible opponent, go get some air, drop from the tournament if you need to and go play a fun game with someone from another state. Meet the peoples!

I’m going to have a swing at the wait-list for Masters since I’d love to try Grayle/pKaya/Mohsar as a triple for the heck of it….but realistically it’s unlikely I’ll get a spot and if I do, with that pairing it’s even less likely I’ll have a spot on Saturday, so I’ll be looking for games most of the days in the lead up to Iron Gauntlet most likely.

I’ve got a couple of articles that are….close14 to ready but unfortunately I didnt have the time to clean them up and finish them, but I’m hopeful that post-lock-n-load I’ll be able to get out an article on what happened there (battle reports hopefully) and get a couple of the series up here to get back on track….

Here’s to hoping, right?

See you on the weekend!

1 Well, technically I could….given that I successfully promised to publish an article every week I guess I could promise whatever the hell I like. Free babies for everyone!6.
4 Except, as seems quite likely, through promising things that I cannot fulfill10.
6 Which is cool right? I mean everyone wants babies…right? Well if they don’t, why do so many seem to end up with them?
7 Not of my wife. Just for the record.
10 Son, your mouth’s writing checks your body can’t cash.
11 Apparently clarity of vision is increased by fun also! That’s why you always see other people having fun but you don’t seem to see the one’s that aren’t! 13
13 It’s not that my life is miserable and I dont have as much fun as other people…it’s just that I dont SEE how miserable those other poor saps are! Hooray, I feel MUCH better.
14 It’s also my fun face. Which can be confusing. You’ll see it whenever you wipe half my damn army off the board on turn two and force me to try some janky assassination. You’ll probably also see it if I’m winning comfortably and am considering a janky assassination. Or while I’m having lunch and talking to my wife while considering a janky assassination.7

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I'm an Australian living in Houston, Texas, I started playing Warmachine/Hordes in March 2012 and I consider myself to be on a continuous learning curve that I'm not sure will ever end. I play for strategy and combinations, I am in no way a qualified hobbyist or painter though I admire those that are. No, I dont know Chunky, but the other five people that live in Australia tell me he's really swell.

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