Road to War Episode 16

Road to War

This week we talk about Mercenaries, with special guest Andrew Hartland (aka Hacksaw)!

00:00 Intros
00:57 Overview of Mercs as a faction
4:39 Ashlynn D’Elyse
14:08 Drake MacBain
21:53 Magnus 1
27:34 Magnus 2
34:21 Fiona the Black
38:58 Broadside Bart
44:58 Shae
56:31 Gorten
1:03:28 Durgen
1:15:10 Damiaynano
1:23:28 Constance Blaize
1:26:25 Ossrum
1:31:57 Impact of character restrictions on Mercenaries
1:34:24 Questions
1:48:12 TempleCon Spoilers
1:58:48 What we’re working on


Send us an e-mail at aroadtowar@gmail.com with any questions!


  1. Gos Reply

    Excellent podcast. I started it just wanted to jump to a section, ended up listening to the entire thing. Good work.

    Any chance Hacksaw had any lists for some of the recommendations he discussed, or other blogs or posts he’s written?

  2. TheButchersHound Reply

    Very interesting episode. Since I have the alternate Ashlynn I was wondering with whom to pair her. I was leaning towards Durgen and now I feel validated. :)

    Oh, and please show us that modded Witch Coven once it is done.

  3. Mike Reply

    It would have been nice to have a quick look at the TYPES of machines as there are quite a few different styles for the 3 major groupings in the Merc book.

  4. Eric Reply

    Just started listening to these podcasts. They are pretty good. Is there an RSS feed just for the podcasts, so I can have my phone autoload them?

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