Road to War Episode 16

Road to War

This week we talk about Mercenaries, with special guest Andrew Hartland (aka Hacksaw)!

00:00 Intros
00:57 Overview of Mercs as a faction
4:39 Ashlynn D’Elyse
14:08 Drake MacBain
21:53 Magnus 1
27:34 Magnus 2
34:21 Fiona the Black
38:58 Broadside Bart
44:58 Shae
56:31 Gorten
1:03:28 Durgen
1:15:10 Damiaynano
1:23:28 Constance Blaize
1:26:25 Ossrum
1:31:57 Impact of character restrictions on Mercenaries
1:34:24 Questions
1:48:12 TempleCon Spoilers
1:58:48 What we’re working on


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Author: yogadragon

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