Road to War Episode 15

Road to War


This week we talk about the range heavy meta and take a look at how Stormwall has improved Cygnar.

 0:00:00  Intro and discussion of the current ranged meta game

0:29:50  Talk about Cygnar and how Stormwall has improved them as a faction

0:43:20  Dealing with the shooting meta

49:19  Questions

10:10:54  Akward cut.  Please disregard.

1:19:00 End of serious podcast.  Story time and pie talk

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  1. Saori Reply

    First time I started lkinoog more in depth into probabilities I was lkinoog at the Scythean. It has an interesting interaction with Cygnar jacks. It finds it easiest to kill Menoth jacks and slightly harder to kill Cygnar jacks and harder again to kill Khador jacks. Cygnar’s 12/18 is sitting right on the border where MAT-DEF starts to matter more than P+S-ARM. Here is what I found (first number is average damage using 1 fury to charge and maxing out on fury, number in brackets is percentage chance of killing the jack on full health):Charging 26.5 (38%)Charging and boosting the attack roll 25 (30%)Boosting both initials on charge 23 (18%) to get the chain attackcharging and hits both initials 33 (66%) (with luck not boosting)charging and misses charge attack 17 (3%)charging and hits the charge attack 30 (52%)I think it’s interesting that if you miss the charge attack you are completely boned but if you boost to hit that charge attack you’ll generally do less damage and have less chance of hitting the jack. As for boosting to get hit the charge attack to get the additional damage bonus it generally doesn’t pay. If you need 7s to hit and are at dice -3 then there is a very slight advantage to boosting the charge attack roll otherwise you are boosting because of the conditions above or there is no advantage.

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