Road to War Episode 14

Road to War


This week we talk about Ret and take some questions! 

Send us an e-mail at aroadtowar@gmail.com with any questions!


  1. Mike Reply

    Hi guys,

    I usually like the podcasts very much.
    However, they seem to be deteriorating in quality.
    The quantity of swearing is rising to silly levels now – It is getting unpleasant.
    Also the propensity of talking over each other is making some of the poinys hard to hear and/or follow.

    C’mon guys just let the other guy have his say first and cull all the “fucks”!.

  2. rolandhadley Reply

    I only the other hand don’t mind the cursing at all!

    I do disagree on Kaelyssa. While I don’t think she’s a great caster overall by any means, I do think she’s solid in many matchups, and very good in certain ones (Cryx, for instance). I think people make the mistake of thinking that her gun means she’s best suited to Hordes matchups, when in fact she’s better versus Warmachine, because of Backlash and the threat of Phantom Huntered pEyriss.

    I also think Colossals helps her, since now you can go crazy with Backlash without killing the target jack too quickly.

    • Frostmare Reply

      Phantom Hunter is battle group only

    • Max Reply

      Phantom hunter is battke group only, but other wise shes a great pick against cryx indeed, and shes VERY good against hoards because of her gun. She can do assassinations easily with her husband wishnailer. Remove their fury, throw in a boosted rift, and that can generally put the hurt on ALOT of warlocks out there :p

  3. Orsson Reply

    I really enjoy the podcast, guys. Two suggestions, though, based on previous episodes: A) having the minute marks for the podcast help us listeners tremendously and B) covering each type of model in a particular class together (warcaster, unit, solo, etc) helps the overall structure of the podcast and makes it easier to follow along.

    Thanks again for posting these!

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