Road to War Episode 12

Road to War


This week we talk about list building with Will ‘Wild Bill’ Pagani.

0:00 Intro and general list building

9:48  Real Life List Building with Will

44:39 Questions

1:14:00  Upcoming Cons –Space City Con, Duel Con, Alamo GT, Clash for the Cure

1:18:36  RtW:  Before Dawn Episode 1


  1. Orsson Reply

    Thanks for the episode, guys.

    I was surprised to hear you give some love to Destors. They usually get crapped on, no matter the source!

  2. rolandhadley Reply

    Another insightful episode.

    Question for Will: I know you’re usually not an eKaya player, since Kromac fills the role better, but do you see her getting a spot in more lists with the Colossals meta shift? She seems to be a hard counter to Galleon lists, which will need to be taken into account in several months.

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