Road to War Episode 10

Road to War

This week we talk about Legion!

0:00: Legion and Colossals
7:17: General Discussion
10:56: eLylth
18:30: Saeryn
28:56: Bethayne & Belphagor
38:40: pVayl
45:39: eVayl
51:39: pThagrosh
56:19: eThag
59:09: Abysolonia
1:03:55: Kallus
1:07:28: pLylth
1:09:00: Closing thoughts on Legion
1:11:05 WAR GamesCon Recap



  1. Scott Paisley Reply

    Just letting you know, I love these podcasts where you talk about specific factions, it is very insightful even if it makes me want to play a new army each time you cover a new faction.

    Really looking forward to your thoughts on Trollbloods and Minions as I’ve recently swapped over after playing Cygnar for a year.

    Awesome work guys, can’t wait to hear more.

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