Riding a Dark Horse

by Chuck Elswick




Hi all,

My name is Chuck Elswick, or Bulldog to some.  I am 29 years old. I have been playing the game since it first came out. I play every faction in the game I have won major convention events as well as local events.  I am part of the Detroit group that travels to all of the conventions, also known as the 4 Horsemen. To be honest no one in our group actually lives in Detroit, but no one has heard of Dearborn Heights, Farmington, Troy, or my city of Brownstown.  Our group does not even play in Detroit, we play in Livonia at RIW Hobbies.  I am also our area’s Press Ganger.  I got into Press Ganging for the same reason I agreed to write these articles; I enjoy helping the player community grow as well as helping players become better at the game.  I am the player in the Detroit group, and you might have seen on the forums, that plays the stuff that is unpopular or not widely used and I make it work.  I will be writing articles to help you, as the player, dust off those models you bought because you loved the story behind them or loved the model itself and just haven’t gotten around to playing it much because it did not fit into the game the way you thought it would.  I will also be giving you some beginner tips to help those just starting to become better. So that they may see what an awesome game, and what a fun way to spend time with friends Warmachine is.


I will be focusing upon a different faction and warcaster/warlock each article and with so many out there I will need your help.  I play every faction and warcaster/warlock so I would like your help in picking what I focus on in each upcoming article. So send me suggestions. These suggestions can be any type of model/unit in the game and I promise to try and get to everyone’s request.  I look forward to hearing from you all.  Just click on the CONTACT MOM link above and send me your requests.

Author: Bulldog

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