Riding a Dark Horse – Amon ad Raza

by Chuck Elswick



I have been asked to write about an Amon list I would run.  I am scaling this list up to 50 points though I usually run him more at the 35 point level, so I will start off giving the models I use for him at 35 then what I added at 50.  Please keep in mind that since I play everything that I usually don’t have access to multiple models/units, this list is something different from that as it is something that I ran a little of back in MK I.


35 point:

Amon +6

Crusader (6)

Crusader 6

Crusader 6

Crusader 6

Dervish 4

6 Choir 3

Wracks 1

Allegient Monk 2

Allegient Monk 2

Hierophant 2

Vassal 2

Total 35/35


at 50 points I add:

Gorman di Wulfe 2

Reclaimer 2

10 Temple Flameguard w/UA 8

Vassal 2

Vassal Mecanik 1

Total 50/50


Though I did mention earlier I usually only own one of anything this does go against that.  The reason being is I came to own 4 crusaders, back when Warmachine first came out I liked the idea of playing a 1000 point game, the same as playing a 100 point game now, and I didn’t want to paint any more infantry (I hate painting by the way but never play with unpainted models, I know, weird right?).  I bought 4 crusaders but played 1 game with them all.  When Amon came out in MK that is when I made the decision to make him my “if I ever play Amon I will field as many crusaders as I can with him to get the dust of them,” and I have yet to be disappointed. I have a 2nd monk and vassal because I have won store credit for tournaments and those were the models just in the price range.  Though I prefer the 35 point list I will focus on the entire list as it stands at 50 points.


Though Amon has, in my opinion, low survivability stats, his DEF is above average but his ARM is below most warcasters and with average FOC he at best sits just above Khadoran heavy ARM if he camps all his focus and pulls one from a wrack.  His spell list is great. With Mobility granting bonus to SPD to his battlegroup as well as pathfinder, keep in mind Protectorate does not have a lot of access to pathfinder for its warjacks.  He has Synergy, no not just literally, and this spell gives a cumulative bonus to all models in his battlegroup, as his battlegroup hits enemy models (add 1 to each attack and damage each time you do hit an enemy model).


If you need to get him into the mix he has a spell that gives him arcane assassin and ignores tough.  The last spell is Convection, where if you destroy a living enemy model you get a focus point.  All this aside he also has a decent melee weapon with reach that has the ability, as a special attack, to either Thresher or Smite.  His feat is his warjacks gain immunity to combined range attacks and combined melee attacks and immunity to free strikes. Whenever Amon spends a focus he gets to also allocate that focus to a warjack in his battlegroup.  Also having groundwork keeps him from having a low defense or being hit automatically while knocked down, gives him some more durability. All of his spells have a low COST.


Now for what I do with the list.  I like to upkeep Synergy, even though you will be trying to spend as much focus as you can on his feat turn, that doesn’t mean you won’t get any use out of the spell before the feat.  With Mobility going it gives his non-reach jacks the ability to charge 9 inches away and across terrain.  4 heavies are something that is hard for any player to deal with.  The dervish is there for obvious reasons. With side step and 2 decent POW weapons and good MAT it can get to those annoying support models, sometimes even casters and warlocks, also it goes in theme with Amon I think.


I like the Monks in the list as they are models that are hard to hit and kill They can not be CRA’ed or CMA’ed and have ground work.  They also have an ability to forfeit their movement or action to gain Shifting Winds Stance, abonus to DEF and a free movement ignoring freestrikes if they are missed by an attack.  The Temple Flameguard are an effective unit for their point cost, including the UA which makes them even better.  The unit is there to tie up enemy models. They have CMA, their attacks cause fire, they have a once per game ability to gain a great bonus to ARM and immunity to knock down and stationary. Stack that with shield wall and look at the possibilities. The real reason they are in the list is to fill the Reclaimer who can use their souls to give focus to the warjacks. This allows Amon to spread his focus out more effectively.


The one mecanik is in because I had 1 point left over, and thought he could help keep jacks in the fight if they lose an important system early. The 2 vassals are there to help the warjacks stay in the game longer with enliven. They also allow for a warjack to gain an additional attack, and have arcane bolt which can help pick off those annoying incorporeal models.


Gorman is in my list as he helps keep Amon alive with his smoke cloud, and black oil (an attack that lowers a model’s MAT and DEF and limits their movement and action) can help with more focus use.  But if you are fighting warmachine he does have an attack that lowers warjack ARM that everybody always forgets about.  Some have asked “why the hierophant,” because when you factor him in with the wracks it gives you 8 focus for Amon to play around with and 8 for his feat turn.  If you have any other questions please ask.




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Author: Bulldog

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