Riding a Dark Horse #3

ChuckyThere was a domination tournament out in Lansing, Michigan on 12/3/2011.  For those of you who don’t know what type of tournament that is  here is the run down.  We played 50 point games with no time limits. The tournament ran from 12:00pm to 7:30pm. You try to get as many games in within the amount of time with as many different people as you can. You play the same scenario every round.  And throughout the tournament you gain points by winning games and by meeting various conditions in list building and game play.  If you want to know more you can go to the Privateer Press website and find the PDF file on their home page.


One of the ways you could earn more points towards the overall champion title was using only one character model in the list, your warlock (I say warlock as this is a tournament format geared towards Hordes).  Another way was building a list that consisted of entirely battlegroup models. When building a list with a 50 point battlegroup the warlock has to be able to handle a lot of fury. ‘Locks like Kaya1 who are very fury efficient made for good choices.


I took the opportunity to earn some extra points when I built my Trollblood list, so Mulg was not present.  But I thought I would have some fun with the event and picked a warlock that was neither high fury  nor had any way to deal with all the fury that would be out there.  Trollbloods have Doomshaper1 that can at least once per game pick the frenzy target of  one of his warbeast or Calandra who has soothing song (a spell that removes fury from your battlegroup), but I decided to go a more humorous route and chose Madrak1.  More often than not I will see the strength or strategic value of a model as I play the game, not before, so I was not discouraged.  Here is my list for a 50 point battlegroup only:


Prime Madrak +6

Dire Troll Mauler 9

Earthborn 10

Earthborn 10

Axer 6

Pyre Troll 5

Winter Troll 5

Swamp Troll 4

Impaler 5

Total 48/54 points


My battle plan with this list was very simple, cast Sure Foot on Madrak and upkeep it (the spell gives a bonus to DEF and immunity to knockdown for the effected model and friendly faction models nearby).  Madrak would cast the Earthborn’s animus twice on nearby warbeasts and sit on one fury, or none if I felt safe (Madrak also has an ability to once per game ignore any damage from one attack).  Then the Earthborns would cast their animi on 2 other warbeasts. That’s how the army would move up the field.  Not many opponents could crack through the high ARM (usually around 18 for lights and 20 for heavies). In addition I would keep the warbeasts close to Madrak so they would benefit from Sure Foot, making their average DEF score 14.


There were times I had to make multiple frenzy checks, even one time I almost killed one of my own beasts. If I had to run “fury hot” on a beast then I would try to make sure enemy models were the closest models to them.  I used Carnage (bonus on melee attack rolls to friendly faction models) from Madrak to allow 2-3 of my beasts to gang up on one model or unit. Carnage provides some fury efficiency, so I wouldn’t have to use all of my beasts to accomplish what I wanted to.  This means the Axer’s thresher ability would hit most of the models and could use fury to boost damage.  Then my heavies would move in and finish off the model/unit.  I would then start the cycle all over again, constantly moving within my quarterback Madrak up behind his offensive line of warbeasts.  After playing this list and seeing its effectiveness I think it could be great for a Mangled Metal/Tooth and Claw format.


If you have any questions about my list, or suggestions for next time drop me a line.

Author: Bulldog

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