Riding a Dark Horse #2

ChuckyI was trying to figure out who I should write about first. I got the idea for this warlock based on my friend the great Legion of Jake. He and a couple of others have put the challenge forward that I am to play Kaya1 at a hardcore tournament, so I must give them credit for giving me the idea for my first article about warcasters/warlocks that seem underpowered.


First and foremost the key to anything is understand the model’s strengths. Though many will look at her and think she doesn’t have many I feel she has a lot more to offer than what most people think.


Yes she no longer has her assassination trick from MK I but she does have the best hit and run trick in the game. Here is where I think her greatest strength lies.  Yes, spirit door does not allow her or the beast to do much of anything after it is cast. It does allow you to send a beast forward and whether it kills its target or not it can be brought back to her. This is a great hit and run tactic. It gives you about 14″ of safe zone for the beast, or even her.


Though she has a great ability, pack hunters, for living beasts in her battlegroup I still like to take a woldwarden and megalith with her.  Though they won’t benefit from pack hunters they do give her 2 more spell shots with spirit fang.  All you have to do with spirit fang is damage the target model and now the model’s DEF and SPD are lowered, which means no charging, trampling, or slamming.  This in turn controls your opponent’s ability to get at you with key models.


She also has a spell that gives a model/unit stealth, which is always good to put on a hard hitting unit or even herself.  Lastly someone might ask “what do you use her feat for?”  One thing I have used her feat for is to try and spell assassinate.  When you have the 2 wolds starting off the attempt as long as one damages your target Kaya can get up to 6 spell attacks, this is of course without boosting to hit or damage.  And of course if you get the chance to get a charge lane on the enemy caster then 12 fury on a feat turn will more than likely get the job done.  One other thing I have seen the feat used for is when you send out all your beasts to go kill the enemy then she pulls back all of her beasts.  Though this is not the usual use of her feat it does mimic other annoying effects in the game.


Below is a list I have used and had success with in the past, feel free to give me your feedback or even to try it out.  I like to stealth the tharn until they hit the enemy line and then I cast it upon Kaya.  With the list I have the ability to run fury “hot,” pull the beast back with spirit door, and have the wilder condition to get rid of the fury.  Also with the stalker in there I now have access to lighting strike, allowing yet another option to the hit and run game.


P.Kaya +6

Feral Warpwolf 9

Megalith 11

Warpwolf Stalker 10

Woldwarden 9

Druid Wilder 2

Shifting stones 2

6 Tharn Ravagers with Chieftain and Shaman 13

Total:  50/56

Author: Bulldog

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