Review: Update on the Table War Display Tower

Musefolk! Midsouth Gaming is proud to be cross posting a select handful of our articles here on Muse. This is an update to the original review of the Table War Display Tower I did that you can find right here.

It’s been just over a month since I reviewed the Table War Display Tower. I mentioned in that article that I was planning on getting custom cut steel trays from Shogun Miniatures. These things are a requirement in my opinion.

First, the quality on them is bananas. I was afraid there would be a large gap of plastic on the edges before the tray. That wouldn’t be terrible, but it would mean that models on the edges would have to be rotated properly so that their magnets stuck to the tray. When I got them, however, they were perfect. I mean, perfect. The trays fit into the Table War shelves with no visible gap. They are the Tab B missing from the shelf’s Slot A.

The additional space they create is where things really start to shine. Here’s one of my shelves with the 3 inset trays from Table War. With the models sitting directly in the trays–no washers, no prettiness–I can fit 20 small based models on a tray, which gives me 60 per shelf. That’s already awesome:

It's all the dudes!

That’s full Exemplar Errants and UA, full Holy Zealots and Monolith Bearer, full Temple Flame Guard and UA, a unit of Knights Exemplar, full Choir of Menoth, 12 solos and my man Kreoss1. That already makes each shelf equal to easily two Battle Foam troop trays.

Now, if we subtract all of that extra space the borders of each unit tray take up, we get this:

And now their friends fit too

In the photo I’ve fit three heavy jacks on the tray as well as the same 60 dudes, but I could also fit another 10 man squad in their place. The first photo is as full as things can get–basically base to base across each tray. In the bottom one, there is a lot of room to play with. Similar to how I was able to fit more guys into the unit trays by having one smaller, offset line of guys (3 mediums, 3 mediums, 2 mediums, 3 mediums), I believe there is room for an entire offset row on this tray. Since it can hold 14 small bases across, I’d wager I could fit another 12 in that line.

Why didn’t I for the photo? Because something more impressive happened when I was able to have those extra few inches of space back. I reduced the three, nearly completely full shelves I had been using to two shelves with a little bit of space left. In addition to all of those dudes, the other shelf has the Judicator, 7 heavy cavalry models, 3 Wracks, 3 light jacks, 3 heavy jacks, 3 casters and a couple of solos.

It’s just madness.

One of the fears I’ve had with it is traveling. They’re very upfront that this isn’t the kind of case you should fly with. That’s not a problem for me, but I do travel to regional tournaments and cons, which means hours in the back of the car. My Trolls survived just under 6 hours round trip a couple of weekends ago without a single problem.

The more I use the case, the more I love it. I’m even considering the smaller one for when I’m running two highly overlapping lists, or when I’m just taking a few things out to practice.

If you’re looking for a new case, give Table War a look for sure.

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