Return of the Dark Horse: The Butcher’s Block

So been a long time since I wrote one of these, thats what happens when you have a kid and try to balance real life/work/gaming all at once.  Been able to keep up with work, as well as created a RPG game club at the high school.  Been able to stay active in my boys’ lives, though one is a baby and the other a dog they both are still my boys.  Been able to keep wife happy because “happy wife equals happy life,” the rest of that phrase doesn’t rime but still important, “and you get to keep your stuff.”  But the one thing that has taken a hit was my time to write artciles.  I know all my fans, all two of them, have missed me so here I am trying to make a come back.  Focusing on this time some Minions with my favorite cook, Midas:



Targ 2

Razor Boar 2

Razor Boar 2

War Hog 8

War Hog 8

Boneswarm 4

Road Hog (9)

Rorsh and Brine

6 Farrow Bone Grinders 3

Farrow Slaughterhousers 6

10 Farrow Brigands 8

Farrow Razorback Crew 3

Total:  50/64

Tier 1 Benefit:  Can include boneswarms with Midas, Bone Grinders become FA U

Tier 2 Requirement:  One Bone Grinder Unit

Tier 2 Benefit:  For each Bone Grinder unit one warbeast in Midas’s battlegroup gets advance move

Tier 3 Requirement:  One or more Slaughterhousers

Tier 3 Benefit:  For each unit of Slaughterhousers one Boneswarm begins the game with 3 corpse tokens

Tier 4 Requirement:  Midas’s battlegroup includes four or more warbeasts

Tier 4 Benefit:  Add one non-character warbeast to his battlegroup (yes for free as it has been ruled), this warbeast begins the game destroyed


So to start off with this might not be the most ideal list, I of course would love more Bone Grinders but I only own one unit and since I play everything I surely don’t desire to go buy more, let alone paint them.


So lets first take a look at Midas’s stats and abilities.  Same SPD as most farrow with being below the average SPD of others.  His DEF is above that of most farrow but of course not as good as the great Lord’s.  His ARM is average but however his below average life, though average for minions, means it won’t take much to get through.  He has one magical melee weapon that is just below average for a melee type warlock, as well as having an average MAT, though both of these are off set by special abilities.  For instance he has the ability to Curse a model/unit, allowing him and other Bone Grinders in the army to get a bonus to hit and charge against the cursed model.  Keep in mind he has an average CMD so if he can curse something then he more than likely won’t be making much use out of the distance.  Though this curse goes to all attack rolls so this means magic attacks as well.  He has dismember to allow him to roll more dice of damage against warbeasts and his melee weapon allows him to when he kills an enemy warbeast he can immediately cast a spell with cost of 3 or less for free or even the destroyed warbeast’s animus.  His very unquie ability is whenever a living warbeast is destroyed or removed from play he gains a bone token.  He can have any number of bone tokens on him and he can convert up to 3 of them at any time during his activation into fury.


So lets take a look at his spell list and feat.  With a FURY stat of 6 he would normally be fine but he does not have any upkeeps and most of his spells are very high cost, though you can get around this from your own beasts dieing or the enemy’s to get more fury.  His first spell is a low cost average range spell called Bad Blood is an enemy upkeep spell that keeps the warbeast from being healed, having damage transferred to it and it loses regeneration, the warlock also takes damage for each fury they leech from it.  His next spell is moderate cost and short range for a friendly faction model/unit thats called Battle Lust, this spell makes the target fearless and roll an additional die on melee damage rolls for one round.  His next spell is moderate cost and below average range for an enemy upkeep spell and its called Calamity, this makes it so friendly models gain a bonus to attacks and damage rolls against the affect model/unit hit.  His last spell is also moderate cost but average range and POW but with the smallest AOE available called Hex Blast, this also gets rid of upkeeps on the model/unit directly hit by it.  His feat kind of goes against one of his abilities, but don’t get me wrong I think it is a pretty solid feat.  When you use the feat you you bring back all destroyed warbeasts from his battlegroup and place them close to him.  Each of those warbeasts heal one point of damage in each aspect and become undead.  Midas then may spend any number of fury points and for each point of fury he spends models in his battlegroup heal that amount, whether living or dead.  Models brought back can not be forced this turn and those that were destroyed the same turn the feat is used must forfeit its activation.


So lets take a quick look at what I do with Midas.  You can kind of see how he has some contradictory things about himself and his abilities.  So he gains bones tokens from any living warbeast that dies in any form in his control area.  He then uses his feat and pretty much won’t get bone tokens to much any more as now the beasts he brought back are now undead.  Another idea for the feat is sometimes to just spend fury on it to heal up your battlegroup a lot, but to be honest I don’t like not using the full affect of something.  With his CMD of 8 means that he usually is already in charge range of what he can curse, though the extra movement can be used for other models.  Though one idea for this that comes to mind is you charge something with Midas, kill it, then curse something else to allow for you to become an effective magic ability 8 against that model, make sure to kill though what is near by to protect Midas though.  The thing I think that is good for him it to try and calamity whatever he has cursed so that way he can ensure hitting it and damaging it, or whatever is near by is able to finish it off.  If the enemy has some hard to deal with upkeeps that is what a hex blast is for, keep in mind if you need some extra inches your unit of bone grinders can help out with that.  What I have learned from the great JVM is that when the enemy runs his beasts hot and loads them up on fury and only leaves one beast open for transfers then thats when Bad Blood comes into play.  This will mean, as long as you hit that warbeast, that the warlock will have no transfer targets.  But even if that isn’t the case at times you can play the attrition game by bad blooding something you think you might not be able to kill and if you can knock out some aspects then it won’t be as affective.


As for what the rest of the army does is simple.  I like to use the advance move on one of the War Hogs.  For me I think the reason they gave his theme list the ability to take boneswarms, outside of theme for him, is its animus at least now makes him a good DEF out in the open, as long as they don’t ignore concealment.  Though if the models that come to get close to him are living then they will get a minus to attack rolls due to the animus.  If able to I like to Calamity something so that way the Brigands are more than able to hit something at range and now have a decent POW, this is turd polishing 101.  I like the idea of Battle Lusting Slaughterhousers, though to me if I don’t have any bone tokens then this is really the only spell he is going to cast as I want to leave 1 to 2 fury on him.  If that happens then sometimes keeping the Boneswarm near him if something can get close to Midas for melee.  The Razor Boars are there as they can take out solos and when they die they can generate bone tokens.  The Razor crew is there mainly because I had 3 points left over and felt maybe they can do something to the unit suffering Calamity.  I picked the Road Hog to be destroyed as now Bone Grinders can cast sprint and I felt if I was going to get something free might as well make it the most expensive beast for them.  My main thing with the feat is usually I want 3 bone tokens so when I feat, and hopefully I still have some beasts in play so they can be forced, I can spend 7 of my 9 fury to heal up beasts, so on average the beasts brought back will be a little below half dead and what is left on the board at least above half dead.  I feel if you use the feat to bring back the dead heavies and still have some living beasts there to provide later bone tokens.  Rorsh and Brine are there as I always like them since they have a god threat range for melee and if need be they can heal themselves up if need be, so pretty much they can function well on their own.

Author: Bulldog

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