Retresent Episode 6: Garry2 and Mercs

This episode we have Tom Kluis from the Loonicorns, heading to WTC to represent team America North as our guest. We chat Mercenaries vs Ret, emphasis on Fiona, answer your questions and spotlight Garryth2.

Andy’s Vyros1 List

0:00:13 – Introduction/Announcements
0:06:40 – Retreviewtion – NorCal Classic, WTC Prep
0:14:15 – What’s New in the Ret-a – Oblivion, Hermit, RiotQuest models
0:39:25 – Enemies of Ios – Mercenaries vs Ret
1:00:25 – Question Period
1:27:41 – Scyrah Spotlight – Garryth 2, Eye of Vengeance
2:10:11 – Closing
2:12:40 – Pre/PostRambles


Author: Squallish

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