PwMJ Special: We’re Moving!!!

Thank you Muse!

We are taking PwMJ into its next chapter and breaking new ground over at

I decided I wanted to go back to my roots a little bit, back when all this started as Getting Small over on blogger.

The show and the audio program will continue to happen.

The Sunday live show will still be at

The show will then be posted to the same youtube at

but the audio will be moving on…

On iTunes: Search for Painting with MenothJohn

Other podcatchers?:

I hope you will all continue to watch and listen and thanks again to the great folks at Muse.


Author: MenothJohn

Once upon a time, in 2008 I discovered the game of Warmachine because of The D6 Generation podcast and some discussions on the Fear the Boot podcast. After appearing on Guts and Gears at TempleCon 2010, I started, with Chris Miller, a little podcast called Lost Hemisphere Radio. For reasons that shall go nameless, I moved on from LHR and became a podcasting whore appearing from time to time on Chain Attack, Removed from Play, and the occasional lapse of judgement on Crippled System. I started PwMJ when I couldn't get a date for New Years Eve on Dec 31, 2012. I had so much fun I decided to make it a weekly show. I hope you like it and...JUDICATOR!! or RAHN!!! or WHATEVER!!!

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