Everyone loses.  How we respond to losing is one of the keys to progressing in competitive play.  Below are some common traps that people have towards losing:

“At least I have my Code of Honor”

Instead of delving into the core of why he lost, this loser tries to take a moral high ground.  Yes, you may feel morally superior playing Zerkova versus Haley 2.  If your objective is to feel superior to your opponent, this attitude towards losing is fine.  If your objective is to improve your play, this train of thought needs eliminated.

“I lost to someone that sucks!”

This response is usually motivated by pride.  Are you really a better player than your opponent?  If so, why did you lose?  Analyzing the reasons behind a loss is much more important than salvaging your pride.

“I suck, why even try?”

This response is the opposite of the previous issue.  Instead of beating yourself up, you should be reviewing what happened in the game.  This attitude becomes a true issue when it is exhibited before or during a game.

“This game is dumb / too random / too boring.”

In all fairness, there are many games that fall in these categories.  If you truly feel that the game you are playing falls in the these categories, then you should stop playing it.  If the game does not fall in these categories, then you need to stop creating excuses for your performance.

Losses are an opportunity to progress.  Your opponent is showing you areas where you need improvement.  When a player makes excuses for their loss, they are losing an opportunity to advance their skill.


Agent to the Stars by John Scalzi

John Scalzi is one of my favorite authors.  Agent to the Stars was his first novel.  The premise of the novel is that aliens have secretly arrived at earth.  After sampling popular media, they realize that their physiology will terrify the residents of earth  To combat this, they contact a Hollywood press agent, the main character of the book.  It will be his job to help the residents of earth to not be scared of these hideously ugly aliens

One of the main reasons that I love to read novels by John Scalzi is because they tend to be fast paced and humorous.  This book definitely fits that mold!  The concept of the the novel was original and I enjoyed every page.

Author: museon

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