Poppabear’s super awesome nifty keen hugely big organized paint shelf.

Running out of space for your paints? Can’t find colors you want? Too many different size bottles that don’t fit in your rack?
Well my friends have I got a treat for you! Here is a walk through on how to build a super simple paint rack for under $20! It’s big and beautiful!

So clean and shiny!!

First thing we are gonna talk about is supplies.. We need 3 1″x2″ boards 8 foot, 3 1″x3″ boards 8 foot. Glue and nailbrads. Cut them all into equal lengths. I made mine 24″ long to fit my table top.









Next we start the gluing and nailing of the shelves. Running a bead of glue down one side we make a stair step with the wider board as the riser.












Brad nail it, screw it (with pilot hole) or how ever you want to fasten them.

Repeat this as many times as you want shelves. The more stairs… the more shelves.

Looks like enough space

Stand it up and measure the distance for bracing with the shelves leaning back slightly.  This will keep them from falling out when it gets bumped.

Attach some bracing pieces to that length.

Stand it up and complete the triangle bracing.  with a runner along the back.

Trim the sides to taste.

And paint it to what ever color strikes your fancy.

Next, load that Sucker up and impress your friends on how super organized you are!  After they ooooh and aaaaah after your creation, send them to this article and they can make their own.  They will have your gratitude and may even let you have a few take backs or re rolls in the next game.   …Okay maybe not.

Til next time!

Poppabear (Troll King and leader of the Mighty Warkeggers!)

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