Poppabear’s over the top tourney tray

Poppabear is hitting the tourney scene now! Didn’t take too long for me to decide I needed a tourney tray. But, as you kids know, I can’t do anything normal or easy. Here is the tourney tray that I built.

It looks a bit overwhelming but actually it’s a simple box with a door on the front. I used forstner bits to drill the holes for the top of the tray.

Gluing all boards together as well as counter sunk screws holds it together. It would be a nightmare for the case to pull apart full of minis, books, dice, and counters. I would cry big wet tears.

This step completed I hit all sides with a rotary sander to get all joins flush. take extra time with this. The smoother the surface the smoother the finish.

I went with a nice red mohogany finish. Matches the frames on all my boards.
Heavy handles are a must!

All of the pretty hardware I picked up at Home depot. Cost for the entire project was under 30$

Lots of room inside for storage.

Next stage is to make other units that will latch onto the bottom of this box. I need to add boxes for my 2 war wagons, more books, and snacks. Also the bottom section will have wheels on it. It seems to be getting a bit heavy…

Any questions on construction, feel free to put them in comments below!

Author: Poppabear

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