Poppabear’s Epic Terrain Board Part 1.

by Mike Hearrold

BB the Troll wants a hug.

This project is big.. Really big. I’ve been working on this particular project for over 6 months now. It involves 8 feet of foam, 12 bottles of glue, 75+ pounds of dental plaster, a whole lot of wood, and many… many hours. It is my epic terrain board.
Til the next one.


Lets get started with the walk through of the build.


The board is primarily for Warmachine and Hordes. It measures 4’x4′. At the start it was made up as a typical trench board.

Overview of board with elevations

Overview of board with elevations

I played around with some terrain placement to see the different effects I could get with the board..


One thing I decided was that it was too linear. I did not like the straight trench design. At this point none of the elements had been glued down so I shifted them a bit.


This added much more interesting placement options for the board, as well as more interesting bridge placement.


Once the initial layout was settled, construction really began to pick up steam. Part 2 to come soon!



Author: Poppabear

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