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Learn by losing.

When I was playing in chess tourneys I was always told to lose a game everyday. It really helped me to not get hung up on winning, and enjoy the complex interaction of the pieces on the board. It is the same with Warmahords. I love seeing the dynamic of the pieces evolve on the board.. the complex dance of decisions on both sides. Every turn becomes a universe of evolution. Enjoy it.
In this game we are students of war, the battlefield is our classroom, tactics our test. We improve only by studying defeat and self examination. Learning what does not work is just as important as learning what does.
Theory has its place, however it is no substitute for placing your army on the field against a superior opponent.
We learn most in defeat.
Be gracious in loss.
Be generous in victory.
We are all students of war. All opponents are brothers in arms worthy of respect.
Salute your brothers and offer your hand at battles end.

Now on to other topics. This last weekend was the Recruits Convention. My first actual multi tourney warmahordes convention. I had an absolute blast. Finally got to meet my fellow Muse on Minis comrades face to face. I even managed to play Keith in the second round of the 50 pt tourney. You can hear a summary of our game on the podcast. I enjoyed the game and lost by a huge margin.

The epic terrain board had its debut and was used as the final table for the 35pt and 50pt tourneys. Over all reaction to the board was very good. I also got a few excellent ideas on additions to it.

It was an awesome experience and has made me want to step up my game, both in painting and playing. I came home with many gators that will be painted up and written at length about later, as well as a second War Wagon.

I have something special planned for the War Wagons and plan on getting them finished by Mayhem next month. Speaking of that, I had better get painting…


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