Playing the best: Major Victoria Haley Part 1

by Ben Rislove


Playing the best, Major Victoria Haley Part 1


I’ll start with an introduction:
My name is Ben Rislove, I have faction ADD and a lot of competitive TCG experience; Ranging from M:TG nationals competitor, to many Pro Circuit and 10k money finishes in UDE’s Vs. Trading Card game. I won a couple grand (2 spectral tigers and some gadgets) playing UDE’s WoW Miniatures game as well, in its very short life. I also recently went 6-0 in the last chance qualifier at Warmachine Weekend, playing The Protectorate of Menoth.


In this article series I will be focusing on the best of the best, how to maximize their effectiveness, and make them live up to their reputations as the most frightening casters in all of Warmachine and Hordes.


Now on to the fun part – MAJOR VICTORIA HALEY
I’m not going to give a primer on how good her spell list or feats are. This is discussion of what she does, and how she does it, and how I build a list to maximize it.


First I want to suggest that there are only 3 primary ways to win in Warmachine; Assassination, Scenario, and Attrition. I don’t think that any of the best casters in the game excel at more than two of these areas.


Major Haley excels in Scenario and Assassination. Despite having excellent attrition tools, Cygnar is not designed for this type of play, and factions/casters that focus on attrition are going to beat you more often than not if you attempt to play their game, luckily we don’t have to. Today I’m going to focus on the most fun and explosive way to play Haley.


Assassination: abuses defense reduction (Timebomb/Telekinesis) to open up lanes for a Defender or Stormclad with Temporal Accelleration to end the opposing caster. The primary goals of Temporal Shift  in this match-up are to set-up the assassination or help ensure it by granting you a second attempt.


The plan is to kill the opposing caster, you’re not here to out attrition their army If they are forced to keep enough models back because of your assassination threat that you can pick their army apart piece by piece, more power to you!


Here is my assassination Haley2 List


Major Victoria Haley (*5pts)
* Thorn (8pts)
* Squire (2pts)
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages (Leader and 5 Grunts) (6pts)
* Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Officer (2pts)
* * Defender (9pts)
Stormblade Infantry (Leader and 5 Grunts) (5pts)
Sword Knights (Leader and 5 Grunts) (4pts)
* Stormclad (10pts)
* Sword Knight Officer & Standard (2pts)
Captain Arlan Strangewayes (2pts)
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution (3pts)
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord (2pts)


1st threat: Stormclad has 21” threat assuming TA and TK on the target and the Stormclad. It does this with 2 Focus, a free attack and a Jack’ Marshal boon which is 4 or 5 PS 19 attacks


2nd Threat: Defender From 20”s away 2 boosted to hit and one boosted damage (Deadeye+TA+Arlan+Marshal)This gets a little more dangerous with critical brutal damage if you’re a little closer.


3rd Threat: Spell assassination, against softer casters thorn running 14 and Haley following up with TimeBomb+Arcane bolt this is only really effective against squishy casters , but people often overlook it because one turn might not be enough…then there is a feat.


4th threat: Thorn. MAT 7, PS 13 will kill a lot of casters when loaded with 4 focus and TA. The bond really isn’t wasted on this threatening little arcnode. While giving you the best access to the spell assassination, he also provides an unexpected punch with his spear-to-face tactics! A potential threat range of 20″ with TK,TA, and the Reaction Drive.


Strong control feats, like Haley’s, are normally used early in the game as they effect the most possible models, however in the assassination game you want to keep Haley2’s feat in reserve until you can ensure a strong assassination run on the following turn.


Marshaling the Stormclad: This is the “tech” in this list. Marshaled Stormclad is frighteningly fast and nearly as dangerous as a bonded one with 4 Focus, because Haley still has her full suite of focus to play with. 15” of threat, 2 focus and a marshal boon without Haley touching her focus pool. In addition to letting Haley do all the insane things she’s known for, you can also simply walk forward shoot full boosted with generator blade and be pronto’d back, just by activating next to a Stormblade.

Shazam 😀

Author: benrislove

My Name is Ben, on the forums I'm known as Rolling_Thunder. I'm a former competitive TCG and Warhammer player. I picked up warmachine a couple months before MKII Hordes was released. I play Cygnar, Menoth, Legion, and Retribution.

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