Play It Painted 2013


What is Play it Painted 2013?
PiP2k13 is this year’s Muse on Minis podcast initiative for Warmachine and Hordes players. We would all like to see more fully painted armies at tournaments and game nights, and create a place where the community can give each other encouragement and feedback! We have a thread on our forums where you can post pictures of your armies at events, pledge new models each month to paint, and earn raffle tickets based on participation. The degree to which you participate is entirely up to you, it can be as simple as pledging to put painted models on tables. It can be as in-depth as posting work in progress shots of your models and giving and receiving critique to others, and earning raffle tickets for cool prizes.


How does PiP2k13 work?
PiP2k13 has 3 basic parts, any of which can be participated in monthly. The first part is a “pledge” of unpainted models. The second part (unleashing the dogs of war!) is showing those same models, fully painted, in the thread. And the third (reports from the front) is showing pictures of your painted armies at events/game nights. Finished models and event pictures will earn you raffle points, which will be kept track of in a public spreadsheet by Brian (Paint Vagrant) B. There will also be some fun monthly awards for various achievements.


How To Participate

Pledge a points value of models. Post a picture, no wider than 800 pixels, of your new models, with your username and the date in the picture (writing it on a piece of paper is fine). The furthest they can be worked on is primed/basecoated 1 color. If there is more than 1 color on the models then they are not qualified for your monthly pledge.

For help posting pics, look here

Post finished pictures of your fully painted models by the last day of the month, midnight EST (GMT-5). Username/date must be included in these pics as well. Models must be fully painted and based in some way to be eligible.

Post images of your painted army at events/game nights. If you dont have a fully painted army, post a pic of a game that you used all of the models that you’ve painted this month for PiP2k13.


To make your pledge and  look to the thread on the Muse on Minis forums. Play it Painted 2013


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