Perfect Imbalance Episode 8: Ultimate Steamroller 1

Hello listeners and welcome again to another episode!

This week we have the first battle report of our Ultimate Steamroller Series. In the first battle we pitted Scott from team Perfect against Stephan “Duck” from team Imbalance. We will be posting the video with commentary from Tim and Jeremy ASAP.
We also talk about Jeremy’s adventures at the IMC!
And as always we have 5 Questions and find out what is happening “This week in the Iron Kingdoms…”

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Author: Jeremy Rand

Perfect Imbalance is Tim Baer and myself, Jeremy Rand. We are a couple guys from the Willamette valley in Oregon who wanted our meta represented on the Warmachine and Hordes podcast scene. Perfect imbalance is the fruits of that labor. We cover all the usual topics and add our own special stuff to the mix.

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