OzMachine – Episode 7 – Bonus Episode!

Hey guys. Today we have a special treat for OzMachine listeners: a bonus episode outside of our normal release schedule! With all of the WTC lists being released to the public, the three amigos attempt to review every single team list. We realise about 8 teams in that it is going to be a 14 hour episode… so we change tack, and pick out some interesting teams to review. With so many interesting teams to go, we realised one bonus episode was not going to be enough! So here is the first part of our team review!

Please note: This is an explicit podcast, and as such, probably NSFW.

4:06 – Austria Red
16:23 – Austria White
36:15 – Belgium Heron
50:34 – Belgium Otter
62:01 – Canada 1
72:52 – Canada 2
82:41 – England Epic
94:05 – China
101:40 – Finland White
110:28 – Sweden Prime
120:35 – Netherlands Orange
128:24 – Twitter Questions


Author: Trent Denison

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