OzMachine – Episode 6

Welcome back listeners for another exciting episode of OzMachine!  We are up to episode number 6!  The trio of Big Deno, Moops Magic and Leeps discuss the extremely broad topic of list building.  We each talk our way through some thought processes, actual list theory and design and format discussion.  We discuss Khador, Circle and Legion lists as well as generic design.  Its totally informative and fun!  Just like school, only better!
Unfortunately towards the end of the episode one of our number leaves us, much like Boromir in the Fellowship of the Ring.  Far less Uruk-Hai arrows though.

Please note: This is an explicit podcast, and as such, probably NSFW.

Doges Breakfast Playlist 


5:07 – List building by Deno
28:50 – List building by Moops
46:09 – List building with Leeps

Author: Trent Denison

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