OzMachine – Episode 2

The second episode of OzMachine is here!


Unfortunately our cohost Ben “Leeps” Leeper was unable to join us for recording so James and I pushed on, but as a result we held off on doing the List Building episode.  The topics of OzMachine will vary from week to week, but one of the formats we hope will comprise a lot of our episodes will be a focused, in depth warcaster or warlock review.  This episode we focused on Krueger the Stormlord, the epic Circle warlock.


Please note: This is an explicit podcast, and as such, probably NSFW.

Feedback, comments, criticisms and most of all, suggestions for topics are greatly appreciated.



3:14 – Krueger2 stats overview

11:54 – Deno’s list

19:11 – Moops’ list

31:40 – List design thoughts

40:04 – Beating eKrueger – Khador lists and in general

52:21 – Attritional Krueger lists


Author: Trent Denison

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