OzMachine – Episode 1

There have been rumblings for a while, but things have finally gotten off the ground. I’ve avoided doing a podcast because the market felt very saturated to me. However people have manage to convince me that quality is important, and that something unique (ie, a good Australian podcast) will make it worth listening to… at least we have the second one. Without any further gilding the lily, and absolutely no more ado: The first episode of OzMachine has been released!

Our first ever topic for discussion was the upcoming World Team Championships. Triple plus excitement. 

Please note: This is an explicit podcast, and as such, probably NSFW.

Feedback, comments, criticisms and most of all, suggestions for topics are greatly appreciated.

2:45 – The goal of OzMachine
5:23 – Introducing the hosts
13:25 – The World Team Championships
22:05 – WTC Matchup Process
49:20 – Sledging wind up

Author: Trent Denison

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