Overload On Screen Episode 3 – Battlevision: Circle Orboros vs Trollbloods

Here’s another episode from Ciaran’s filmic lair! This time from the hallowed halls of Smogcon, Europe’s premier American-style convention. Betwixt the heaving Smogpit and afore the daunting 65-point format, the toughest of the tough and the bravest of the brave brought their game face to the Hardcore tournament.

In this video, Jason Enos playing Circle Orboros throws down against Jakob Oskarsson playing Trollbloods. It’s the semifinal of the Hardcore. At the end, one player will stand victorious, while another bows his head in defeat. He may face months of trauma-induced nightmares, reliving his defeat over and over. It may be the height of summer before life retrieves its sweetness for him. Who will lead this sham of an existence? Watch to find out!



Author: Overload On Air

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