Overload On Screen Double Trouble: Episodes 4 & 6!!!

Smogcon makes a return to the silver screen as we hit you with a blast from the past! Apparently Siskey forgot to put Episode 4 up here, thus upsetting the order of the Overload Archives.

Episode 4 features then-reigning Irish Masters champion Martin “The Octopus” Hornacek vs Jakob Oskarsson in the Hardcore final at Smogcon. Who has the hardest core? Only Warmachine and Hordes can tell us the answer!

Episode 6 is an exhibition match between famous American Stuart Gorman and infamous Irishman Anthony O’Reilly. It features our shiny new banner, with much thanks to Seán Malone, designer extraordinaire!

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Cheers everyone!

Author: Overload On Air

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