Overload On Air Episode 22 – Turd Anniversary Special (with Nigel Brooks and Patrick Dunford!)

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The most eagerly anticipated podcast of the year, we release our third WTC lists reaction cast to our adoring public! Now with more errata commentary than ever!

Pat and Nigel talk about the effects of the errata on Cygnar, then we get into WTC list talk among other subjects!

00:03:15 Haley2 & Gorman nerf, the effects on Cygnar.
00:13:36 Denny2 nerf… Nope.
00:15:25 Denny2 nerf discussion for realsies
00:21:20 Are Theme Forces next?
00:27:42 WTC lists
00:30:19 Sweden Dynamite
00:36:09 Single Faction Teams
00:52:25 Who will Chilly puke on this year!?
00:58:26 New releases in WTC lists


Author: VagrantPoet

Dickhead, Debater, and Dilletante! Eoin dabbled in Trolls many years ago in Mark 1 after the release of Hordes. He returned to the game in Autumn of 2012 to the unified regret of all that is good and holy. Cygnar was his first real faction, followed by Circle before buying and selling Legion after a brief but successful spate. He has won a few local tournaments and loves to think about list building more than is healthy. Eoin is playing a lot of Circle in 2013. As a chronic faction ADD sufferer though, more models will be bought. Eoin writes for Overload Online at http://threediceoverload.wordpress.com/ where he pens weekly (...okay, occassional) Nemesis articles, among other burbling and whiffling.

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