Overload On Air Episode 19 – Back By Some Demand

Stu, Harry and Siskey gather in the makeshift bunker miles below the surface of what was once Dublin. The capitol has now been laid waste at the command of Lord Tyrant Hornacek, in preparation for the construction of a vast new capitol, Donopolis.

Before the Paingivers find them, the cast share some fleeting memories of the Irish Masters, and make hopeless plans for a future without pain hooks.


Author: WordLord

In life, he was known as Siskey, an affable Irish pedant. Now, revived by a mad Illinoisan sorcerer in a clockwork necromanticon, he is the WORDLORD, scourge of typographical error and stylistic malfeasance alike. He is the Head Editor and Scheduler for Muse on Minis, and can be found in a pile of digital copy.

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