Overload On Air Episode 15 – We Were Always a Retribution Podcast

It’s our one year anniversary episode! Finally free of Brennan’s hypnotic influence, the Overload Crew run helter-skelter through a selection of the World Team Championship lists.


02:25 Anto Is Leaving, Hurray!

06:52 Ciaran doesn’t know what psychology is.

13:03 Now for a word from our sponsors.

13:30 Retribution at the WTC.

20:00 List Review In No Particular Order.

1:10:40 Trollbloods at the WTC.

1:17:50 Team Northern Ireland’s Lists.

1:26:20 Team Ceol’s Lists.

1:35:25 Team Craic’s Lists.

1:48:20 A Return to Karchev.

1:50:20 Love You, Australia!

1:55:00 Now Down To Serious Business: Musical Numbers At WTC.

1:58:40 The Importance of Referenda to Joke-Crafting.

2:08:44 Afterlude – Comic Book Film Discussion.

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