Overload On Air Episode 009 – The World, The Masters & The Barbershop

It’s Episode 9 of Overload On Air with your dashing hosts Siskey, Stu, Eoin and Anto. Ciaran couldn’t make this one because he’s still making up for missing Mother’s Day last year! We four cads join together on the shortest day of the year to talk about how you all should wish you were at the Irish Masters, how you all should support Irish teams at the WTC this year, and how playing terrible lists is loads of fun if everyone else is playing terrible lists too.

If you’d like to submit any terrible lists or generally shout at us for our devil-may-care attitude to podcasting, you can find us at:

overload.online.blog at gmail dot etc
@OverloadOnline on Twitter
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Stu is Valkine
Brennan is VagrantPoet
Anto is I_Avian
Siskey is Siskey
Ciaran is Sir Not Appearing In This Episode

01:00 – Irish Masters Recap
02:19 Siskey’s Masters Performance (for want of a better word)
11:00 Stu hates players
11:50 Anto, King of Warmachine’s Masters Report
12:21 “I Respect You, Stu”
19:20 Eoin’s Inevitable Disappointment Of A Nation/Irish Masters Report
32:54 A Totally Unbiased Guide To The World Team Championship 2014
45:14 We Are Mean To Alex
46:10 We Become A Big Kid Podcast
48:16 Terrible Tuesdays
59:29 Formation of the Scooby Gang
1:02:31 Afterlude

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