Overload On Air Episode 011 – SteamStorm Salutations!

Overload is On Tour once more, this time in Bratislava to play in SteamStorm, Eastern Central Europe’s finest cosmopolitan tournament! Stu and Siskey have a chat with Martin, Rickard, Linus, Stefan, Jaromir, Fredrik, Johan and Gobos about some of the following:

00:30 Introductions
04:10 Let’s talk about SteamStorm!
16:30 WTC Chitchat
20:43 Shite Factions No-One Plays Pt.1: Irish Masters 2013 Winner Martin talks about Mercs
23:30 Messages From Our Sponsors: Drink Beer!
26:18 Shite Factions No-One Plays Pt.1 Continued: Magnus1 vs Legion
28:30 Johan talks about much-maligned non-Morvahna2 Circle warlocks
30:23 How is Terminus not standard?? – Some Cryx discussion
33:15 Shite Factions No-One Plays Pt.2: Polish Masters 2013 Winner Rickard talks about Minions
40:00 Lesser Warlocks with Extra Warbeasts?
45:48 The myth of Eastern Europe

This photo sums the evening up pretty well:

Enjoy! If you have any questions or comments feel free to let us know on our forum thread.



Author: Overload On Air

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