Overload On Air Episode 18 – Timely As Always

Welcome aboard the Overload Express once more. Your conductors for this episode are Ciaran, Stu, Mike and Siskey on his glorious return to the show!


This episode we discussed the new Active Duty Roster for Masters, the Irish Masters, the WTC teams for USA and Northern Ireland, and what we expected from Templecon. Listen to how wrong we were, and rejoice!


Also we steal a segment from a much-beloved podcast on this very network, and delve into our recommendations! Much Youtubing was done!


Peace out,



Author: WordLord

In life, he was known as Siskey, an affable Irish pedant. Now, revived by a mad Illinoisan sorcerer in a clockwork necromanticon, he is the WORDLORD, scourge of typographical error and stylistic malfeasance alike. He is the Head Editor and Scheduler for Muse on Minis, and can be found in a pile of digital copy.

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