Overload On Air Episode 14 – Hooked On A Feeling

The Overload cast are joined by the very talented Seán (he does all the shiny graphics for http://threediceoverload.wordpress.com) to talk about some Warmachines and the Horde!

Since Seán is the painting/converting maestro, each of our topics is interspersed with Seán’s Painting Tips!


0:00 Introductions, and Siskey does not know what pop culture is.

06:53 Previews/spoilers, and how they are destroying our nation’s youth.

35:33 Podcasting the Cortex: Slumps and how to beat them.

57:33 WTC Updates

1:17:35 Light warbeasts and warjacks

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Many of us write for Overload Online, and Seán does the graphic design.
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You can write to us at overload[dot]online[dot]blog[at]gmail[dot]com


Author: Overload On Air

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