Overload On Air Episode 013 – The Cursed Episode

The lads are joined by Conor, recently returned from a work/Warmachine trip to Philadelphia, to discuss joining a new meta, picking up a new faction, and the new Iron Gauntlet format for Warmachine and Hordes. Also touched upon are the challenges facing women in gaming, international travel and whether or not Ciarán will be seen again on this mortal coil.


0:00 Introductions and Joining A New Meta

24:00 Picking Up A Second Faction

51:00ish Why/How We Started Playing The Game

1:31 New Iron Gauntlet Format

1:43 Siskey’s Reign Of Terror Begins: Making 75 Point Severius1

The cast are:

Brennan – VagrantPoet on the forums

Felix McGillicuddy – I_Avian on the forums

Stu – Valkine on the forums

Archdictator Siskington – Siskey on the forums

Conor “Isembard Kingdom” Burnell – Simply too busy with jetsetting to be on the forums

Apple pie-flavoured moonshine – Delicious on the forums and everywhere else


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