Overload On Air Episode 008 – Your Own Personal Bismarck

It’s Episode 8 of your second favourite Irish Warmachine and Hordes podcast featuring five guys named Siskey, Anto, Eoin, Ciaran and Stu!

Come drink deep at the altar of Anto’s utter devastation of the UK’s premier American-style convention! Share our approval/contempt of various online communities! Wonder at the exceptional nature of the Hiberno-English vernacular! All this and (some) more!

Warning: This is an explicit podcast that makes light of current events.


0:00-41:59 – Anto’s Winner’s Report & Smogcon Overview

42:00-1:18:12 – The importance of competitively-minded communities in Warmachine & Hordes

1:18:13-1:30:59 – Things every visitor to Ireland must know

1:31:00- 1:37:09 – Afterlude


Author: Overload On Air

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