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We love all sorts of games at Muse! Our big focus is on miniatures gaming, but we enjoy cardgames, boardgames, video games…all sorts of games in fact! So do our content producers, we have some fantastic articles, podcasts and videos which will show you how these games are played, and maybe give you some ideas for what to pick up next!

MoM’s Podcast #94

Posted by on 11:59 pm

  MoM’s Podcast #94 — A Warmachine and Hordes Podcast Topics:   Timestamp: 0:05:15 = Dear MoM (List Doctor) The patient’s lists Durgen +6 (Highborn Covenant) (List A) -Driller – 6 Dougal & Reinholdt – 3 TAC – 4 ATGM & UA – 8 – Buccaneer – 3 Nyss Hunters (Full) – 10 Pressgangers (Full) x2 – 12 Doc Killingsworth – 2 Bosun Grogspar – 2 First Mate Hawk – 2 Rhupert Carvolo – 2 Taryn di la Rovissi – 2 Specialists – Precursor Knights (Full) & UA – 10 Gorten +7 (Four-Star) (List B) -Basher – 7 -Driller – 6 -Sylyss – 2 Wrong-Eye & Snapjaw – 9 -Bull Snapper – 3 Eliminators x2 – 6 Eyriss2 – 3 Orin Midwinter – 2 Saxon Orrik – 2 Gorman – 2 Thor Steinhammer – 2 Aiyana’n Holt – 4 Boomhowler’n Co. (Full) – 9 Specialists Croe’s Cutthroats Follow us on Twitter @museonminis and like us on Facebook! Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:00:02 — 27.5MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Steam Powered Combat s5e5 – Full Faction Challenge Part Two

Posted by on 2:18 am

The Full Faction Challenge continues as we play at the 25pt level with Jeremiah Kraye vs. Servath Reznik. Tom also uses the Scourge of Heresy which is his first character model to get used in this campaign.

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MoM’s Podcast #93

Posted by on 12:17 am

  MoM’s Podcast #93 — A Warmachine and Hordes Podcast Topics:   Timestamps: 0:01:00 = News and Announcements 0:20:15 = Dojo John’s Dojo The High Reclaimer +6 -Devout -5 Kell Bailoch -2 eEiryss -3 The Book -2 Rhupert -2 2x Bastions -16 Zealots+UA -8 Idrian’s+UA -3 Aiyana & Holt -4 Colin’s Dojo 3Kreoss +5 -Reckoner-8 -Templar-8 -Repenter-4 -Redeemer-6 2x Vassal’s-4 Saxon Orrik-2 The Book-2 eEiryss-3 Choir-2 Zealots+UA-8 TFG+UA-8 Follow us on Twitter @museonminis and like us on Facebook! Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 53:08 — 24.3MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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DICE RAGE LIVE ep.14 – The Return Of Lee!

Posted by on 11:00 pm

One of the funnest episodes of DRL in a while! Enjoy our Agenda Free shenanigans! And we’re doing our five questions thing,...

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Road to War Episode 36- A Warmachine & Hordes podcast

Posted by on 9:01 pm

Road to War We’re back!  Sorry for the break.  Real life.  And Cons.  And laziness.  And Stuff.  But we’re back now!  Nobody actually reads this. Email us questions at aroadtowar@gmail.com or on twitter at @roadtowar Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:02:33 — 28.6MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Crippled System Videocast 7 – Circle vs Retribution

Posted by on 10:57 am

The seventh video cast, including Battle commentary by Jeremy S, JR, and Alex S. Alex Shaver vs Jeremy S – Circle of Orboros vs Retribution of Scyrah Morvahna1 vs Rahn our youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/crippledsystem email us at podcast@crippledsystem.com Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! Follow...

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Nemesis: Major Haley. 5 – Returning of the Wandering Wordmonger

Posted by on 5:53 am

It’s been a while! Life has been hectic! You can believe I was moving house, and work has been hectic, but the truth, the real truth is more reductive. Not unlike my actual face. So let’s get back in the driving seat! Let’s dust off and get back on the horse! Let’s …something something wagon? This week we are covering Trollbloods and Retribution of Scyrah. For Troll bloods there are easier answers, as a Troll beast brick is basically unshootable, and very good against Cygnar. So we’ll discuss some other lists with an honourable mention or two. For Ret I’m going to discuss the subtleties of the ‘easy button’ against two stormwalls. Not that it’s a difficult matchup if you’re careful, but it bears some thought on the matter! Of course, as always, be aware of the assumptions I’ll be making about Haley’s list. Kithkar’s Krieg So it doesn’t take a genius to realise that Runes of War, IMO the best list in the Trollbloods Faction is a good bet here. Three Arm 22-23 warbeasts, which are also often high Def over all of the walls make a great start. Banishing ward can protect you against the few builds that include arc nodes, or a desperate Haley scenario rush. The runeshapers are Arm 15 or 17 and have 5 wounds, so the infantry removal section of the typical Cygnar army is inefficient. All of this makes for a very, very good matchup. While we’re on theme forces, Family Reunion is also good in the Haley matchup. Once again, it’s too much beef. The Boomhowlers will easily buy you the time to get your walls of champions in the zones and you begin to negate covering fires and seriously threaten the wall. Iron flesh can make champions really difficult for the ‘wall to remove in melee as well so in typical troll fashion you can just outlast your foe. I’d be hardpressed to find someone who doesn’t like hearing that they should play Borka! He’s so much fun! The Grand Champion of Beermachine! So what are our other options here? Blood fury burrowers can threaten around covering fire, but they offer a perfect reason for Haley to feat when she predicts they will pop up. Most of the rest of Madrak’s army is pretty susceptible to covering fire, excepting Long Riders. So you could embark on an adventure to include burrowers, warders, and long riders enough models that can get through the covering fire as well as the burrowers to force the feat, which you shouldn’t overlap with threatening/exposing your other models too much. Swarming stormwalls with models that hit hard and can charge through/get around covering fire is very effective, especially in scenario play. Finally Grissel1 and Grim2 can play games of damage swing against the stormwall, again with longriders and warders primarily, though gators get some honourable mention for yet more multi-wound infantry. You’ll want troll gang, calamity/mortality, rage/flaming fists, and so on. Trolls have an excellent time against Cygnar as long as you have at least one list with Arm buffing and multi-wound models, these will always be issues for Cygnar. Take care that you’re Haley list isn’t hard countered by their other list, but many Troll Cygnar drops are good against almost everything the Faction can...

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MoM’s Podcast #92

Posted by on 1:33 am

  MoM’s Podcast #92 — A Warmachine and Hordes Podcast Topics:   Timestamps: 0:15:00 = High Command 0:40:00 = Template Talk 0:43:00 = News and Announcements Follow us on Twitter @museonminis and like us on Facebook! Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 55:15 — 25.3MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Warmans Episode 6 – Legit Shrimp Cocktail

Posted by on 6:42 pm

Explicit. Bill and Brian B. discuss: Michigan Cup Shrimp Cocktails/Bill is rich Gencon Spoilers and pre-releases Gencon masters/Iron Gauntlet List B I L L E D: 2 list format Menoth for a local tourney (note: no carcast) Like us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/warmanspodcast Michigan Cup: https://www.facebook.com/events/153245081538799/ Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:51:50 — 51.2MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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How to Train your Warjack: Avengers! Ensemble!

Posted by on 4:20 am

Session One of most RPGs is Character Creation. From my experience, 90% of groups approach this as an individual sport, rather than a team one. Players come to the table with an idea formed in their mind about what they want to play – a combination of careers that can do some cool stuff (“I want to be a gun mage/ mage hunter”), or a personality (“I want to play an ex-solidier embittered by the war”, or a (narrative) archetype (“I want to be the heroic leader”) However, I like to bring my groups down a different path – I like to do character creation with an eye towards creating an ensemble, instead of a collection of characters. I’m not saying that this is the “right” way to do things (RPGs are for each group to create in their own desired image), but I find that this approach leads to better stories (of the type I like to tell) that take best advantage of the RPG medium’s particular quirks. Disclaimer: To avoid writing “in my opinion” and “in my mind” and a hundred other synonyms throughout the next several articles, please just assume they’re there. The GM takes on a strong guiding role to character creation in this approach. If nothing else, they present a single rule/theme to players that tells them the parameters of their characters. “You are all police officers in (the Ravenloft equivalent of) Victorian London” “You are all dwarves who are brothers” “You are all officers of the Cygnaran Reconnaissance Service” Sometimes this is enough in itself. In the “Dwarven Brothers” example, those two words are plenty to define the characters, as the group must figure out birth order from the outset, which begins to help define characters with barely any extra effort. Since we were building a D&D party for a dungeon based campaign, we wanted a wizard, a cleric, and a rogue as well as the fighty guys. So it all fell into place very quickly  – the two eldest were the fighter/ranger. The middle children (twins) were the wizard (the weird brother who didn’t fit in) and the cleric (the kinda superfluous brother who got sent off to priest school), while the much-younger-than-the-others-youngest was mother’s darling who got away with all sorts on unDwarven behaviour the rest of us never would – a natural rogue. One sentence of a guideline and a whole group fell together with an inbuilt dynamic. And it’s been fantastic. That inbuilt dynamic is the best reason to try to build as an ensemble. Often, a party of independently built characters lacks cohesion – they lack an answer to the question “why are we all working together on this?” Personally, I’m (generally) not a fan of the (often popular) character who is the outcast who really doesn’t fit in or who works against the party in some way. An ensemble guideline helps put everyone on the same page with regard to their general goals. Another advantage to this kind of approach is that it often involves a command structure. Not always a formal one like a Merc company with its captain or the coppers with the chain of command – but it tends to suggest a leader and specific roles within the group beyond the mechanics of the careers and...

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