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Proteus Conundrum Part 2

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The Proteus Conundrum: Part 2 Welcome back to the 2nd part of the Proteus Conundrum. First, I will briefly touch on what was discussed in the first article: • Proteus’s damage output compared to the Scythean • Risks involved when charging models at max threat range This segment will explain how Proteus interacts with each of Legion’s warlocks and which ones will give you the most incentive to include Proteus in your army. I played at least five games with each warlock to get an informed understanding of his utility with each caster, or lack thereof.   Absylonia Absylonia has everything Proteus needs in her spell list to tackle a range of different elements. Carnivore assists Proteus when it comes to dealing with high defense living models that typically have lower armor values while unbuffed. Conversely, Forced Evolution increases his damage output to deal with high armor targets. In both situations I have experienced positive results with Proteus due to the extra fury point over our other heavies in combination with the two spells above. If Proteus can hit on the drag attack without boosting or can get into melee with all of his initial attacks, his damage output will increase due to the sheer volume of melee attacks he can output. Playing God helps with this as it can help mitigate the risks involved in charging at max threat range in order to drag the target into range of his two higher POW initial attacks. Heighted Metabolism came into effect during two games by allowing me to prolong my feat turn by snacking on infantry models to help heal my warbeasts. On the downside, Absylonia would rather have Forced Evolution on a higher defense warbeast like an Angel or Typhon. As the game unfolds, Proteus may get Forced Evolution to assist with destroying higher armor models in conjunction with an Angel, but that has hardly been the case in my games. First and foremost, I value the safety of my Angel because of the impact it has on the game. My opponent is forced to deal with it. Both times I’ve dropped Forced Evolution off of my Angel it was promptly removed. Pros • Absylonia has a spell in most situations for Proteus to utilize • Heighted Metabolism can help prolong your feat for a round against the right builds Cons • Absylonia’s spells always seem to end up on models that can make better use of them Grade – B   Bethayne Bethayne has multiple upkeep spells that Proteus can make use of. Carnivore stands out as the biggest for him as it assists with his lower MAT. Ashen Veil is okay, but will rarely be cast on Proteus. One interesting combination I used with Bethayne and Proteus was using Gallows to pull key models close enough to have Proteus drag them into my army. Although the distance of Gallows is randomly generated, I can say that when it worked I didn’t lose any heavy beasts in retaliation. It works even better when you don’t have to boost your hit roll with Gallows and can cast two in one turn. Proteus’s animus also increases in usefulness when you don’t have to spend fury to cast it. The downside to Bethayne is that she doesn’t bring any damage buffs for...

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Chewin’ the Fat 4

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And now for something completely different. I mentioned last week that there will be no Circle talk this time (don’t worry Circle fans, they’ll be back in a bit). For now I am looking at WarMachine with a particular interest in the ever popular Protectorate of Menoth and my beloved Cygnar. For a little bit of background you should probably be aware that I only very recently bought my Menoth (similar to my Circle) due to just getting a job and being offered a very large army for about half of the selling price so I figured, hell, why not! As a result I have a large Menoth force which, very unlike my large Cygnar force, remains completely untested. There is a 35pts tournament in Dundee on 17th November that I will be attending and, at this event, one of these Factions will be my weapon of choice. Historically, I have had a fairly good record in Dundee when I test out new armies so, if I choose Menoth, this sets a good precedent! It’s a slight shame that I can’t play at 50pts as I feel like both Cygnar and Menoth are Factions that play noticeably better at higher points brackets when they can get all of their support pieces in place but I guess I’ll have to make do with 35pts! The tournament in question is shaping up to be the biggest one over here in a while with a lot of Scotland’s best players showing up. I can expect, at the very least, strong Circle, Ret, Legion, Menoth and Cryx opponents with the potential for some good Cygnar or Mercs thrown in for fun. With this in mind I can’t afford to really tailor my lists at all and will need to make some all-comers lists capable of playing at a high level. I always find this difficult at 35pts as there just never seems to be enough space to get the cool things I want but c’est la vie! I am still deliberating on exactly what I’m going to be taking but I have a large array of things to choose from and, as such, have decided to focus on only a few casters for now from each Faction. So, what am I looking for in my casters then? Firstly, I know that I want my lists to try and pose different problems for opponents. I probably want one of them to be jack heavy and one of them to be infantry heavy. I want at least one of my lists to have strong shooting elements and at least one of them to be able to hit hard in melee when required. I probably want one heavily armoured caster and one supporting caster. If I choose Menoth then I definitely want access to Purification because it’s broken. If I can hit all of these bases then hopefully my opponents won’t know what to bring and it might throw them off guard. I figure I’ll go through my ‘Musings’ (hah! Puns!) for each Faction in order. Beware, there will be a lot of theory and list building ahead! So, without further ado:   MENOTH With all of the points above being considered I think the easiest place to start will be with Purification. We only have...

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MoM’s Podcast #29

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MoM’s Podcast #29 Topics: Warmachine Weekend Talk Statement from Carl IKRPG Session Keith’s Battle Reports         Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:57:36 — 81.3MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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This Old Hordes – The Circle Orboros Project Pt. 1

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Buying a used Army can be a lot like buying a home. With the economy as it is you can find some great deals, and with a little elbow grease, you can come out with a great profit. Sometimes you wind up finding one that’s been stripped of anything of value. To get to where we are now, I’ve flipped a couple of Armies. In the beginning, I played 40k. I had a well painted Nurgle army that I’d done a bit of converting, painting, and loving(I got an ointment for that) but had only invested maybe $300 into. This was flipped into about $600 of unpainted, unloved Orks. There was a lot of repair here and there to those Boyz, but eventually they became well painted, converted, and loved. after $150 or so investment, they were later flipped again as I decided to leave 40k for good. I moved into warmachine and found someone who had a surplus of Cryx and Menoth. I wound up getting around $900 worth of stuff for it and some of it was in rough condition. The Menoth portion of that trade was later traded to flesh out my Cryx and start my Legion and Mercs. In the end after much painting and repair, my Cryx hit the shelf for over a year. That’s where we come in to this story. Bits and Pieces of my Cryx army had been piecemealed off to pick up legion stuff for a while, or Painted units were traded to friends for unpainted counterparts plus other models. My Cryx army had somehow managed to maintain itself around an $800-900 mark, although it was slowly loosing paint as a whole. Over the past 3 months I’d had a couple of bites at my cryx, but no one wanted everything and mostly wanted to leave me with a lot of unusable/untradable models, so my Cryx continued to sit on the shelf. Recently though I was approached with an offer I couldn’t refuse. An Army swap with another Atlanta local. So.. like so many Armies before it, my Cryx was flipped for a slightly larger Circle Army. About $1100 worth. I figured now would be a good time to record a bit of what transpires and of the restoration process and what to look for in trades. The first thing to look at in any trade are the people involved. There are really only 2 types of Warmachine/hordes players when it comes to trading; The Tin-man, and The hobbyist. The Tin-man is quite possibly the laziest and cheapest of gamers. This isn’t to say that they aren’t good at their craft, just that their craft only cares about maintaining a bare metal semblance of their army. The other side of that coin is the Hobbiest. These are the people who love their minis, and see them taken care of. While not all of them may spend hours painting, or converting, they always seem to have a nice showing (even if it was commissioned) when they game. The issue here is that the Tin-man and the Hobbyist value things differently. The Tin-man really doesn’t care about the condition of the minis he gets and will often try to value his beat up toys as much as your loved minis. I usually...

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Baffo’s sculpting table 02 – MoW Elites

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This week we’re getting back to my sculpting series, since I finished converting and painting the prototype of a long lasting conversion project, I started working on more than 6 months ago: elite Man-o-Wars. I am a faction completest and an impulse buyer, so over the years I’ve been in the hobby, I have accumulated way more MoWs than I’ve ever put on the table (10 metal Shock troopers, 5 metal Demo corps and 5 Bombardiers), only 3 of which got painted up to now. I like the bulk and feel of the models, but I don’t use them much (like many other Khador players, I am still waiting on some uplifting solo/UA/elite cadre to make them more viable), so there wasn’t much motivation to get them all done. As an incentive to work on them (and to justify the massive money expense to my own conscience) I decided to heavily convert all my unpainted heavy infantry to look even cooler than the three stock shock troopers I have done years ago… The concepts Sure, but what can you add to stem powered heavy armour dudes to make them stand out as ‘the veterans’ of the army?  At that point I remembered seeing a Butcher in MoW armour conversion somewhere online and that sparked the idea of giving all my MoWs custom trench coats. Obviously the first design was about turning the Demo corps into pseudo Butchers wielding axe-mauls and wearing pretty much the same fur coat as Kommander Zoktavir. Since their broad backs would look a bit boring just covered in fur I copied also Orsus’ furnace/boiler, to break the monotony of plain fur and sprinkled some skulls around for good measure. Thinking about my other heavy infantry units, I didn’t want to give them all the same coat, so I started looking at other models with trench coats for inspiration and noticed several Khador warcasters and officers (both Butchers, Sorscha 2, Irusk 2, Harkevich, Griegorovich, ecc…) shared one specific detail on their ‘winter clothing’: studded leather with 3 rows of bolts at the base of their coats. With that in mind I themed each squad after a different caster that had that detail on its model. Around that time I finally got my box of Bombardiers, so I started working on them right away. Fluff and rule wise Harkevich is one of the more ranged focused casters in Khador, so it made sense to centre the Bombardier conversion on him (plus I wanted to challenge myself a bit more with these coats). As such I made their boilers a bit more complicated (like the Iron wolf’s own arcane furnace) and used his anime-ish leather straps/belts overload as the defining feature, instead of the simpler fur. Brainstorming with my brother I got some other ideas for Doom reavers in MoW armour with huge Fellblades and human skin coats (think Fabius Bile from Wh 40k), a coated second Drakhun wielding a cavalry mane (something like double sword staff) and some skull masked evil looking Shock troopers, but since I haven’t even finished my initial Butcher corps and had even more work with the Harkevich corps, I forced myself to finish at least one of the started units before lounging into more never ending projects (besides half of those ideas...

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Delayed… Decision… Mechanics…

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  This is a mid-level article on delaying decisions and the lengen… *wait for it*… dary power it can offer you in a game of Warmachine and Hordes.  I promise this article will not end up reading like a Starfleet Academy article on temporal mechanics.  Oddly enough, much of what I’m going to talk about is time, sequence and options. You hear and read about the big players talking about Order of Operations (OoO) all the time.  This is probably one of the strongest fundamental blocks new players need to address.  You have to understand what you want to do, what pieces need to move in what order to make it happen, and then execute. Now let’s jump forward into the game.   Turn based OoO is simple enough.  Here are two examples of where screwing up OoO can really hose you; Single-Model Order:  Vayl2’s feat is a perfect example.  You get to cast all of these beautiful spells.  That said, remember to Purify first.  Rumor has it a few big dogs have made this mistake their first time around the block with this little lady. Multi-Model Order:  Caine2’s assassination run is another solid example.  First, you want to have your rangers run up and give you your RAT buff.  Second, you want to have Reinholdt kiss Caine for good luck and an extra shot.  Third, you run whatever poor minion you’re going to rear-arc charge for 3” of extra movement out there.  Lastly, you activate the big dog, feat and bring the pain. Now I’m going to kick it up a notch.  These OoO scenarios are in your control completely.  If you practice and know your army you should execute them well.  Let’s look at OoO in a broader sense.  OoO can occur across different time spans.  Single-Model order occurs within the confines of an activation.  Multi-Model occurs across a turn.  OoO can even span rounds in a game. In the most recent episode of MoM (#27) the gents were talking about Attrition and Scenario play a great deal.  The gambits and ploys they mentioned time and again were multi-round OoO scenarios.  Let’s talk about one.  Model it out and see how the math works in. Crump and Chad are playing against one another. Chadis using Madrak2.  Crump is using Baldur2 with Ghetorix in the list.  Crump is thinking about putting Ghetorix into position for a kill the following turn to force Chad’s hand. Chad has to either deal with Ghetorix, or get a face full of ax.   Here is how you’d model out something like this.   Ahhhhhh… pretty pictures.  They always help.  What you’re seeing here is the decision from Chad’s point of view.  If Crump puts Ghetorix out there he can do one of two things; Take the Bait or Don’t Take the Bait.  If he takes the bait the odds of successfully killing Ghetorix are only 40%.  Keep in mind he’s probably Roots of Earthed into high ARM madness.  If Chad takes the bait and successfully kills Ghetorix… he’s on easy street.  I have marked this as a “You Win” condition. Chad likes winning so his relative value for this outcome is high ( 5 ). If Chad doesn’t take the bait, one of two things will happen; Don’t Die or Die. Chad and Madrak2 both hate dying.  I’ve marked...

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Chewin’ the Fat 3

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So my opening trilogy comes to an end! This week I’ll be sharing my thoughts and considerations after the games at the last tournament I went to before examining the potential future for my beginning Circle forces. The first two articles are linked below so you actually know what I’m talking about: So, at the tournament I played 1 game where I think my plan actually worked and two others where it definitely did not. The fact that one of those 2 games was a win is not an indication of my ability with Circle so for the purposes of trying to improve my game I’m going to consider it an effective loss. I’m now going to try and dissect where I went wrong, what I think I should try and do differently and what changes will be made to my lists as a result of these changes. In the game against pSkarre I simply struggled with the amount of reasonably high armored infantry (post-feat) and allowed him to chew through my significant number of heavies without much repercussion. Her ability to give boosts to hit through Dark Guidance rather hurts the only appreciable defense of Warpwolves and her feat allows her to annihilate, well, anything. I felt that Kruegers templates of doom from his feat could be completely ignored by her counter-feating and just waltzing through them. Fun times. I also hate Tough on the Bloodgorgers, just sayin’. I think I would need to cut through most of his forces in short order before he feated to get an appreciable amount of damage through, take the Kraken out before he feats or try to win the scenario if I were to take it on again. Against pDoomshaper the issue was one of matchup first and silly mistakes second. His feat feels like it becomes similar to eHaley’s or eDenny’s in its ability to shut down Circle and I frankly failed to take that into full account. Without any ability of my own to control where he was going or what he was going to do I just got eaten (literally in some cases) by big trolls who are stronger, tougher and better buffed than my own Warpwolves. Again, I hate Tough. I miss the Scytheans of Legion or the Blood Hag in Cryx at times like these… As a solution I think I should start including my own forms of denial that Circle is so famous for so that I can dictate the game and play on my own terms. After a fair bit of analysis I have come to the realization that when I play against Circle I am generally worried about their denial abilities more than anything else they do and this is something I should try to capitalize on within my own play. The astute of you may have noticed that eKaya never saw play throughout the tournament and may be wondering why after I extolled her virtues all the way back in Chewin’ The Fat 1. Her list had less heavies than pKrueger so less outright hitting power, she has limited scenario power because she bleeds Control Points (although I do believe this is mitigated somewhat by Deathclock) and she can’t deal with much infantry at all, much unlike pKrueger. Every round...

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Muse On Minis – Survey

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Hi there Muse fans. We’d like to collect some feedback on the show. So here’s a survey!$&ver=standard As a special bonus if you’re one of the first 100 survey….filler outers(?)…. John will sign something for you! Just hit him up at Warmachine Weekend, some other tournament, or at his house at four in the morning. On a serious note, we really appreciate your feedback. We do this show for you guys, so tell us what you think....

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MoM’s Podcast #28

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MoM’s Podcast #28 Topics: Warmachine Weekend Assassination MN Tournament Reports         Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:26:08 — 66.9MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Road to War Episode 16

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Road to War This week we talk about Mercenaries, with special guest Andrew Hartland (aka Hacksaw)! 00:00 Intros 00:57 Overview of Mercs as a faction 4:39 Ashlynn D’Elyse 14:08 Drake MacBain 21:53 Magnus 1 27:34 Magnus 2 34:21 Fiona the Black 38:58 Broadside Bart 44:58 Shae 56:31 Gorten 1:03:28 Durgen 1:15:10 Damiaynano 1:23:28 Constance Blaize 1:26:25 Ossrum 1:31:57 Impact of character restrictions on Mercenaries 1:34:24 Questions 1:48:12 TempleCon Spoilers 1:58:48 What we’re working on   Send us an e-mail at with any questions! Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:11:29 — 60.2MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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