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Genus Cygnus: THUND-AH!

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It has been some time since I last wrote something. I’d like to say that I’ve been gathering my thoughts or accumulating data on my Cygnar experience. I would like to say that I’ve had a lot of big things in the works. But to be accurate I would say that I am not allowed to “browse” the internet at work anymore. But now it’s 1:30 in the morning and a full nights sleep is a luxury that I choose not to buy. Cygnar is the topic. Lt. Allister Caine is the caster.   The Basics Caine himself can be somewhat of a terror on the battlefield. He has 2 magical hand cannons with RoF 2 and one of the highest RAT scores in the game. Between his initial shots and Malestrom he can do a considerable amount of damage to an enemy army. The problem he has to compensate for is his terribly low armor score. Blast damage is a serious threat to his life. Luckily he has what I would classify as the best, and certainly my favorite, defensive spell in the game. Teleport. The ability to flee from danger gives Caine a tremendous amount of freedom to use his guns, spells and feat to their best effect. Between his mobility and 5 (or 7) extra inches of range on all of his spells it is nigh impossible for an opponent to keep him out of the game.   In addition to his own personal contribution to the fight Caine brings with him two of the best buffs available for a ranged army, Snipe and Deadeye. Range and accuracy all in one package makes Caine a top contender for best gunline caster ever. Just for kicks he adds in another impressive defensive buff for his boys, Blur. I haven’t been making much use of it up to this point but I feel Blur is the kind of spell that when you see the right situation, becomes incredibly influential.   Here’s a list that I like   Lieutenant Allister Caine +6 -Centurion 9 -Silas Wish-Nailer 2 -Reinholdt Gobber Speculator 1 Journeyman Warcaster 3 Arcane Tempest Gun Mages 6 -Gun Mage Officer 2 Black 13th 4 10 Greygore Boomhowler and Company 9 10 Long Gunners 10 10 Long Gunners 10   List Composition for Lt. Caine Step 1. Building a Battlegroup I ask myself  “Self, how much focus will I have to allocate to my Warjacks each turn?” I answer myself “Well on any given turn you’ll want to cycle Snipe, cast a Deadeye or 2, shoot some stuff, cast Thunderstrike and Teleport back. So right around -10 Focus, but you might be able to spare one on the first turn.” “Huh, probably just one Warjack then” “You think?” “hmmmmm, well Self I’m putting a lot of guns in this list and scenario zones can be pretty problematic, what should I do?” “There’s always a Centurion. An un-chargeable ARM 24 heavy seems like a deal for 3 points.” “…..nice”   The Centurion has 1 job and 1 job only in this list. Sit somewhere that prevents points from being scored and not die. He is, by miles, the best candidate for the job.   Step 2. The Core Concept   Shoot them until they are dead. That’s the plan....

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Mayhem Cup Photos — The People

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Welcome to the New Muse on Minis

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Hey Guys and Gals, I just wanted to drop a quick line welcoming you to our new site. We have just transferred over and are in the process of fixing everything. This is especially true with all of the archived content as it has to be fixed before we can put it up. Please bear with us. In the meantime we will be putting up lots of new content that I think you will enjoy. Some things you will notice right away is that the new site handles pics, video and audio in a much cleaner fashion. It also is responsive so it should work extremely well on your mobile devices. We will be doing a ton of coverage for lock and load right here on Muse. Stay Tuned !!!...

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Why Losers Don’t Get Better

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Ok, so I’ve seen a couple of metas now.  There’s always a top dog, or set of them.  There are always a few new players.  And then there are a few guys who play the top dogs and mostly don’t win.  The thing that struck me about this is that you can leave the meta and come back a year later.  Their factions will be different, their casters will be different.  PP will have released the new models.  Doesn’t matter.  The losers will be losers.  The top dogs will be top dogs.   This is really weird.  I mean, in general, the games that happen are top dogs vs. losers.  Thus, they have the same amount of experience.  They are playing in the same meta, so its not like there are secrets and surprises that are tripping the losers up.  Game after game they show up, set down the latest incarnation of their lists and lose to the same guys.  It’s pretty absolute, too.  I bet Keith could play Crump (with whatever lists), beat him, and then they could swap lists and Keith would win again. (I’m presuming that Crump is his local group’s punching bag from the social dynamics on the MoM podcast.  It might not be true.)   I don’t have an actual explanation for this, but I’ve got theories.  Maybe one or more are correct.  So here are some features I’ve observed in local punching bags.   #1: Actual, orthodox, Sirlin-style Scrubbery:  I know guys who won’t play the best stuff, because it’s too good.  They complain about their opponents power pieces instead of mitigating them.  They are always complaining about Tartarus or Choir or MHSF or whatever, and you never see them take proactive steps to handle their problems.  I saw a Karchev player show up for a Steamroller tourney with just one list, get MHSF’d by Mastershake, and then repeat a month later. There was an Old Witch list sitting unused in his bag.  They don’t mind losing as long as they can claim some sort of imaginary moral high ground.   Skilled players don’t do this. The Shield Guard nerf is widely loathed, but I took 3 Watchers to Adepticon and all of the good players I played were turning their shooting models to be unable to see Shield Guards. Good players play the game PP gave them, bad players play an imaginary game.   #2: Bad maths:  This has many flavors.  We’ve all met the guy who thinks every roll will be a 7 or 10.5, and is shocked when he misses half of them.  People boost attacks that they don’t need to, or boost damage instead of buying attacks.  I had someone, a Pressganger, in fact, tell me yesterday that Forced Evolution was huge offensively on an Angelius because armor piercing 16 is amazing.  An Angelius is a beast with one initial.  As long as you are dealing > 0 damage Forced Evo is going to deal +2 to damage on every hit, no matter what.  It’s (offensively only) better on a Scythean, Carnivean, Typhon….pretty much every other Legion beast.   Not understanding the game’s subset of math translates pretty much into being unable to evaluate your wins and losses.  If you don’t realize that making tough checks three times consecutively...

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Playing the Best: A Mayhem Cup Experience

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Another trip to the worst state ever, but a chance to see some of the greatest Players and People in warmachine/Hordes. Mayhem Cup was a two day event, at Mayhem Collectibles in Des Moines Iowa. We drove down on friday afternoon, got to hang out, play some board games. get food, go see avengers with like 15 warmachine players, and just hang out and have fun.   Saturday at Noon the dice would roll, the battles would begin and The CUP would be on the line. Keith (sepher32) and I talked a lot about what to play for the cup, what to bring for reinforcements and whose feet were giving off that terrible odor. I think we eventually just blamed Rydiafan and moved on to other topics. I remained stalwart in my lists, but I kinda made up reinforcements and hoped they’d work for me, I haven’t been testing a lot reinforcement scenarios. I knew the stormclad with Haley, but I would have run full long-gunners as the Caine reinforcement if I had it to do over again 😀   Generated using Forward Kommander: These are the lists I played at the Mayhem cup.   System: Warmachine Faction: Cygnar Casters: 1/1 Points: 50/50 Major Victoria Haley (*5pts) * Thorn (8pts) * Centurion (9pts) * Squire (2pts) Arcane Tempest Gun Mages (Leader and 5 Grunts) (6pts) * Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Officer (2pts) Greygore Boomhowler & Co. (Boomhowler and 9 Grunts) (9pts) Horgenhold Forge Guard (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts) Anastasia di Bray (2pts) Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist (2pts) Journeyman Warcaster (3pts) Ragman (2pts) Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord (2pts) [Reinforcements – Stormclad]   System: Warmachine Faction: Cygnar Casters: 1/1 Points: 50/50 Lieutenant Allister Caine (*6pts) * Ol’ Rowdy (9pts) * Sylys Wyshnalyrr, the Seeker (2pts) Arcane Tempest Gun Mages (Leader and 5 Grunts) (6pts) * Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Officer (2pts) * * Hunter (6pts) * * Hunter (6pts) Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team (4pts) Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters (Cylena and 9 Grunts) (10pts) Lady Aiyana & Master Holt (4pts) Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios (3pts) Journeyman Warcaster (3pts) Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator (1pts) [Reinforcements – Full Precursors+UA]   Round 1 – Wess (Tower Games) Playing Menoth   I don’t remember his 2nd caster, but both his lists had a lot of infantry, and the Scenario was outflank outfight outlast. This is a good scenario for Caine because guns are much better at clearing large zones than infantry, so it is difficult for people to score points, without a ‘Jack heavy list opposing me, this was an easy choice to play Caine. He chose Harbinger   I won the roll to go first. Put out snipe and blur, and shoved forward. He moved forward feated and purified my spells, then Errants shot at Nyss killing a couple.   Arcane Shielded Rowdy and inched him into the zone with his back to a way, knowing he was going to take a couple hits from Horgenhold Forgeguard, and I didn’t want to get crit/slammed out of the zone. hunters took the battle engine to ~half then dead-eyed nyss and gunmages put some shots into errants killing about half the unit, and forcing a couple martyrs.   I didn’t bring my reinforcements on, because they couldn’t move under Harby’s feat....

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Mayhem Cup — Invitational Qualifer Information

Posted by on 9:45 am

                            Mayhem Cup Top 16 Player Name Faction Score (SoS) (CP) (PC Destroyed)   Clifton Cline (19) Trollbloods 3 (9) (3) (104) Mattie K (25) Circle Orboros 3 (8) (5) (137) Ben Rislove (28) Cygnar 3 (8) (4) (151) Danny Goodner (4) Cryx 3 (8) (4) (81) Josh Russel (39) Cryx 3 (8) (2) (105) Trever O’neillb (53) Cryx 3 (8) (0) (99) Brian Giese (40) Skorne 3 (7) (3) (126) Joshua Carpenter (2) Trollbloods 3 (6) (6) (144) Kray Kellogg (5) Cygnar 2 (8) (6) (86) Chad Shonkwiler (54) Trollbloods 2 (8) (3) (126) Chad Garr (12) Skorne 2 (8) (3) (77) Rhett Tudor (21) Khador 2 (8) (1) (136) Matthew Catron (1) Legion 2 (8) (1) (106) Keith Chrsitianson (16) Cygnar 2 (7) (6) (90) J.R. Oldridge (29) Cryx 2 (7) (5) (112) Jeremy Patterson (42) Minions 2 (7) (4) (83)   Round 4   Chad Shonkwiler Defeats JR Oldridge Brian Giese Defeats Trevor O’neill Keith Christianson Defeats Kray Kellogg Jeremy Patterson Defeats Matthew Catron Chad Garr Defeats Rhett Tudor Clifton Cline Defeats Joshua Carpenter Danny Goodner Defeats Mattie K Ben Rislove Defeats Josh Russell   Round 5   JR Oldridge Defeats Kray Kellogg Matthew Catron Defeats Rhett Tudor Chad Shonkwiler Defeats Jeremy Patterson Mattie K Defeats Josh Russell Keith Christianson Defeats Joshua Carpenter Chad Garr Defeats Trevor O’neil Danny Goodner Defeats Clifton Cline Ben Rislove Defeats Brian Giese   Round 6   Ben Rislove Defeats Danny Goodner Brian Giese defeats Chad Garr Mattie K defeats Clifton Cline Chad Shonkwiler defeats Keith Christianson Joshua Carpenter defeats Trevor O JR Oldridge defeats Matthew Catron Josh Russel defeats Jeremy Patterson Kray Kellogg defeats Rhett Tudor     Final Stats   Mayhem CUP Report! Top 16 Players Player Name Faction Score (SoS)(CP)(PC Destroyed) Ben Rislove (28) Cygnar 6 (19)(6)(216) Danny Goodner (4) Cryx 5 (24)(4)(172) Mattie K (25) Circle Orboros 5 (22)(7)(190) Chad Shonkwiler (54) Trollbloods 5 (19)(6)(253) Brian Giese (40) Skorne 5 (18)(3)(243) Clifton Cline (19) Trollbloods 4 (22)(3)(174) Keith Purple Shirt (16) Cygnar 4 (19)(8)(173) Josh Russel (39) Cryx 4 (19)(2)(131) J.R. Oldridge (29) Cryx 4 (18)(5)(210) Garr (12) Skorne 4 (17)(5)(178) Joshua Carpenter (2) Trollbloods 4 (14)(8)(230) Jeremy Zombie Dood Patterson (42) Minions 3 (19)(5)(178) Trever O (53) Cryx 3 (19)(0)(202) Kray Kellogg (5) Cygnar 3 (18)(9)(154) Matthew Catron (1) Legion of Everblight 3 (15)(1)(216) Rhett Tudor (21) Khador 2 (17)(1)(215)     Madison Wins the Cup !!     Madison 21 Points Mayhem 10 Points Kansas City 8...

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House Vyre’s Host

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So here we find myself trying to help out with another request, this is a caster that I do enjoy his story as he comes across as the underdog of the Retribution.  Not going to go to in depth into his story but his house was greatly involved with Goreshade’s past.  I have said in 2 other posts that Goreshade’s story is my favorite and now, thanks to one of mine faithful followers (thanks to MOM for buying my fans off, really helps out with my e.cred, lol) I now get to share another one of my list ideas:   Ossyan +6 Banshee 10 Hypnos 9 Sylys The Seeker 2 Arcanist 1 Arcanist 1 Arcantrik Force Generator 10 10 Invictors with Officer and Standard 12 Heavy Rifle Team 2 Heavy Rifle Team 2 Mage Hunter Assassin 2 Mage Hunter Assassin 2 Narn 3 Total:  50/56   Lets first take a look at our great support caster.  He has average stats for a spell casting warcaster, though his health is a little below average and his ARM is also (though again above the normal ARM for spell casting warcasters since he does have a FOC of 7).  He has a range attack that has the same RNG as a hand cannon and a POW that is just barely above a hand cannon, as well as being magical.  Though its greatest quality is that if it hits a model then you get to center a 4″ AOE on the model that remains on the model and moves with it for 1 round, though if the model is destroyed then the affects of the AOE will also expire.  While in the AOE models will suffer a penalty to DEF and if they begin their activations in the AOE they will not be able to run or charge.  His last weapon weapon is a magical melee weapon that has dispel, an ability that gets rid of upkeeps on model/unit hit immediately expires.  Though the POW for it is below average as well as his MAT.  His Feat, with a great name too “Gravity Well,” makes it to where when an enemy model makes a range attack damage roll they roll one less die while in Ossyan’s CTRL area.  Also when a friendly faction model makes a range attack damage roll against an enemy model in his CTRL area they roll an additional damage die.   His spell list is in my opinion amazing, though you will see why certain models were included later in my list discussion.  His first upkeep spell is called Admonition (target model in his battlegroup can move 3″ ignoring free strikes when an enemy model ends its movement within 6″, then expires).  His next upkeep spell is Chronomancer (models in his battelgroup can boost attack and damage rolls afterwards).  His third upkeep spell is Quicken (target model/unit gains a bonus to SPD and a bonus to DEF against range attacks).  His last upkeep spell is Shatter Storm (when target model/unit directly hits and boxes a model it explodes in a 3″ AOE that does average blast damage to models in the AOE, and then removes models from play).  His only offensive spell is Arcantrik Bolt (average RNG and POW that if it damages a warjack then the warjack is...

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MoM’s Podcast #11

Posted by on 9:47 pm

MoM’s Podcast #11 Topics: 0:02 – New Player (Time Management) 0:25 – Tourney Announcements 0:46 – News and Spoilers 1:22 – Muse on Mail 1:54 – Dojo Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 3:01:59 — 166.6MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Poppabear’s Cave

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Learn by losing. When I was playing in chess tourneys I was always told to lose a game everyday. It really helped me to not get hung up on winning, and enjoy the complex interaction of the pieces on the board. It is the same with Warmahords. I love seeing the dynamic of the pieces evolve on the board.. the complex dance of decisions on both sides. Every turn becomes a universe of evolution. Enjoy it. In this game we are students of war, the battlefield is our classroom, tactics our test. We improve only by studying defeat and self examination. Learning what does not work is just as important as learning what does. Theory has its place, however it is no substitute for placing your army on the field against a superior opponent. We learn most in defeat. Be gracious in loss. Be generous in victory. We are all students of war. All opponents are brothers in arms worthy of respect. Salute your brothers and offer your hand at battles end. Ahem. Now on to other topics. This last weekend was the Recruits Convention. My first actual multi tourney warmahordes convention. I had an absolute blast. Finally got to meet my fellow Muse on Minis comrades face to face. I even managed to play Keith in the second round of the 50 pt tourney. You can hear a summary of our game on the podcast. I enjoyed the game and lost by a huge margin. The epic terrain board had its debut and was used as the final table for the 35pt and 50pt tourneys. Over all reaction to the board was very good. I also got a few excellent ideas on additions to it. It was an awesome experience and has made me want to step up my game, both in painting and playing. I came home with many gators that will be painted up and written at length about later, as well as a second War Wagon. I have something special planned for the War Wagons and plan on getting them finished by Mayhem next month. Speaking of that, I had better get painting…...

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Toruk to Tyrant – April Results

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by Brian Giese   My initial goal for this month, was to talk about the first couple weeks as I played a ton of games and prepared for AdepitCon, and then cover an early month event, and then go over the big event at AdeptiCon.   Sadly I became very ill a week before AdeptiCon. I did make the trip, but I was feeling fairly miserable almost the entire con, and even dropped out of open masters halfway thru my first game.   I did manage to feel better for Sunday and the Team event, and had a lot of fun then.   I also did manage to play a lot of games, and I have a variety of things to discuss this in this months report.  I played in a 35pt Highlander event at the start of the month, but I don’t really have anything to report on it. I went 2-1 in the event. I didnt like the lists I used, and I dont really like the format, so I don’t have a ton to say about it.   Topics AdeptiCon thoughts (limited) April Game Results Finding the right balance of ranged/melee in a list Plans for future(aka I wait in the corner for july and tiberon release date) Ka-Ka-Ka-Krea (My current most favorite model )         AdeptiCon thoughts (limited)   I was very excited for AdeptiCon for the past couple months. Sadly being sick for a full week before and most of the con sort of took away some of the fun for me.  It was still a great con, and plenty of amazing players showed up.   I played in the 25pt kickoff event, Hardcore, and Team Event. I skipped 2 other events completely, and tried to play in the open masters, but dropped partway thru my first game.   I should have skipped Hardcore to try to have enough energy for the masters, but I’m not that smart.   I also was able to play against players I have not faced before, including players from Nebraska, North Carolina, and Texas.   The team Event was the only event I played in, where I didn’t feel too terrible.  My partner was Rydiafan, and we played an E Makeda/ E Sorscha list.   Basically standard Bullet list with Winterguard DeathStar.   We ended up going 2-2.  One loss was due to some bad luck on dice, and bad placement of Karn on a caster kill try. The 2nd loss was a hilarious team goof up in the last round, when Sorscha put Iron Flesh on E Makeda to “help” when I was about to charge Makeda forward. (  I was eyeing up my charge lane, during my teammates model activation, and didn’t realize what he was doing.  heh)   I played Zaal in the Hardcore event, and I feel he can compete there. I lost the first round in an extremely close game, that I started off down in, but pulled myself back in, and almost won. I ended up going 3-2 in the event. In the 4th round I lost a game, when I went for a chance for fastest caster kill, but I messed up my order of operation. Quick Thinking while being sick is not something I should have even attempted, but I could have snagged a 7 minute kill...

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