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The Focus Camper’s Bible Part 4: Camping with Khador

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by Walter Langendorf Overall:  Khador really isn’t fantastic at camping.  It’s funny, in a faction where the fluff is all about how stoic and resistant they are, but Khador suffers very much from a lamentable emphasis on defense.  When it comes to Jacks, Khador goes crazy with their armor.  But for their warcasters the Motherland apparently can’t be bothered.  They have some stellar campers, but that comes from those caster’s personal traits. They are few and far between…and more importantly, the typical Khador camper is pretty wretched at it.  They have a lot of Gate 0’s.   Army Contribution to Camp:  Here’s the root of the problem.  The Khadoran army has nothing that resembles the Journeyman/Squire nonsense that Cygnar trots out.  They can get a free upkeep by taking Silas…but that deprives them of their dog.  If a particular caster doesn’t have Iron Flesh then they don’t really get any aid from their list.  They don’t have a Shield Guard, and thus must rely upon the Bokur, who only has 8 hit points.  I think you can take Dirty Meg and get a Vanguard(or can she only take Pirate jacks?  I haven’t read pirate mercs in a while…) from her, but that’s pretty expensive for a shield guard.   Now, the above isn’t exactly fair.  Khador has one thing that it does that has to be mentioned.  The Defense Camp is pretty much unique to Khador.  With a Dog and Iron Flesh they can be 5 defense higher than their card suggests to melee attacks.  They can get Lash from a mechanic UA (or Meg marshaling a Lash jack).  While we’re at it, maybe Assault Commandos can throw grenades at each other in front of the caster so that anyone who wants the kill has to stand in them, an Boomhowler can yell at the enemy beast/jacks to them -2.  That’s 9 higher def than the card suggests!   Heh.   Fundamentally, defense camping only works if you can keep yourself standing.  (Or, I suppose, have ground work).  Khador’s current method of doing that is Lash on the Mechanic UA and/or a merc FreeBooter or Mariner.  That’s simply insufficient and/or easily removed.  They badly need the Covenant for their defense camping to be truly effective.  Alternatively, some Steady campers would suffice (looks at EEVlad).   Its actually really odd that Khador would have such trouble with camping, when you consider that its effectively the strategy that their whole army is built around.  Their jacks have the heaviest armor and the slowest speed, letting you hit them first and then allowing them to endure to counter attack.  Their infantry are pretty much the only set in the game whose plan is that their defense is high enough to allow you to take the first strike.  Khador, as a faction, camps.  Its casters, for whatever reason, don’t.   Gate 2 casters:   pButcher:  One of the game’s more notorious casters, pButcher is the single hardest hitting model in the game.   He passes the gate of stats with his high number of boxes, and the fact that he possesses a defensive upkeep.  14/18 is also a good stat balance compared to many other casters.  He can definitely go the distance in terms of how hard he can camp, though at full...

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A Road to War Episode 5

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Road to War This week we talk about Khador! 0:00 Intro and Overview 12:00 pIrusk 31:00 Karchev 26:00 Old Witch 33:00 Sorschas 40:00 Vlads 56:45 pButcher 1:05:00 Harkevitch 1:14:00 Questions / What We’re working On / Upcoming Cons Send us an e-mail at with any questions! **Will Notes: You cannot broadside and place a targeting flare with a spriggan ** Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:28:19 — 80.9MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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Colonial GT Qualifier – Game 1: Skorne vs. Khador.

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Here is the first reports of my games at Colonial GT 2012, which was a phenomenal event! I will be posting the next few reports as I finish them. By the way, I am Mike Malarowski (Malarowski on most forums).           To begin, the event was a Standard Steamroller 2012, 2 Lists, Divide and Conquer. Here are the two lists I used:   List 1 Supreme Archdomina Makeda (*5pts) * Basilisk Drake (4pts) * Archidon (7pts) * Archidon (7pts) * Bronzeback Titan (10pts) * Titan Gladiator (8pts) Nihilators (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts) Nihilators (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts) Paingiver Beast Handlers (Leader and 5 Grunts) (3pts) Reinforcements: Gators, Feral Geist   List 2 Lord Arbiter Hexeris (*6pts) * Basilisk Drake (4pts) * Basilisk Drake (4pts) * Bronzeback Titan (10pts) * Titan Gladiator (8pts) * Titan Sentry (9pts) * Aptimus Marketh (3pts) Paingiver Beast Handlers (Leader and 5 Grunts) (3pts) Venators Reivers (Leader and 9 Grunts) (9pts) * Venators Reiver Officer & Standard (2pts) Agonizer (2pts) Void Spirit (2pts)  Reinforcements: Tyrant Rhadeim, Cyclops Shaman   Opponent: Chris Chambers – pButcher: The Butcher of Khardov (*6pts) * Berserker (6pts) * War dog (1pts) Doom Reavers (Leader and 5 Grunts) (6pts) * Greylord Escort (2pts) Doom Reavers (Leader and 5 Grunts) (6pts) Great Bears of Gallowswood (5pts) Iron Fang Uhlans (Leader and 4 Grunts) (11pts) Kayazy Eliminators (3pts) Fenris (5pts) Kovnik Markov (4pts) Man-o-war Drakhun  (5pts) Manhunter (2pts) Scenario: Sacrifice DEPLOYMENT Chris won the roll to go first, and chose to do so, his second list was an eSorscha with Deathstar and Kayazy, so I was pretty scared of it. I chose eMakeda anyway as my list is extremely mobile and should be able to get to him first. Deployed the Uhlans in the Center, Butcher, Dog and Berserker right behind. The Kayazy and Manhunters went to the left, with the Drakhun and a unit of Doomreavers with UA. They’d be going to the flag. To the right of the Uhlans, the Great Bears were being flanked by Markov and Fenris, as well as the second unit of Doomreavers, with the intention to cause trouble in the zone. The amount of hurt that would be coming from his army scared me greatly, him going first didn’t sit too well with me, but I had no choice in that matter. Considering my list, there was no surprise in deployment. A unit of Nihilators on each flank,with the Titans, Makeda and the Drake in the center . The Archidons and Paingivers were deployed behind  the center(so everyone gets Road to War). My plan was to strike early and to strike hard, as this list tends to do, hoping to kill enough to avoid retaliation by all the weaponmasters and Butchers feat. I was not too worried about the scenario, nor did I put a lot of effort into it, as I knew whoever won the clash, would then be able to claim it, if the chance arose. Turn 1 As expected, we both moved up rather carefully to position for charges. I did not, as I tend to, run the Nihilators forward as fast as they can (14”) to be in position for turn 2. Chris moved everything pretty much straight forward as well. I moved some Nihilators forward...

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Chunder from Downunder – Starting a Tournament from Scratch – Part 1 – Feasibility

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by Ben Hayes I’m currently in the process of looking to start a new Warmahordes event in Brisbane, Australia. I’m in the very early stages at the moment, primarily looking at costs to see if the tournament will be viable. I’m mad enough to try and startup an event, but not to lose a bunch of money into the bargain!   I have done this before, and the essential part is factor in your minimum costs to work out what your player number threshold is for making the event viable, and what your goal is for the event. Its important to make your goals realistic, especially for a first time event that does not yet have a good reputation to help it out.   For my event, I’m looking at a minimum of $900 raised, which is what I think it will take to put on a very modest event with a solid venue.   This is a fairly modest initial goal (Note that things I’ve had to budget have already changed from when the pic was taken). The plan is to offer discounted entry for early entrants, as the earlier entry fees are paid, the easier it is to do something useful with the money, like purchase more (and better) prizes. I believe this goal is achievable because I have seen a number of events in Brisbane with 30+ players, and I think with enough time for marketing of the event the 40+ barrier is breakable.   So what else can I do to make this event stand out? One thing I am looking to try out is a schedule that includes a night event, something that hasn;t been seen a great deal in Australia, but is common in the USA. I will be trying to procure a venue that will allow this to happen. Apart from the night event, which will be aimed a bit more at mayhem and frivolity, I intend the two single day events to be standard SR2012 tournaments. These sometimes feel quite rare in Australia, believe it or not, as the majority of our events add a bit here or there to the format.   The other thing I hope to do is an interesting prize pool for the event. I will be going over to the USA for Gencon in August, and if I have a decent amount of early entrants, I hope to purchase some stuff from the PP stall that is hard to access in Australia, particularly the Faction patches and so on. I intend for first prize in the 50pt Steamroller to be some sort of cool steampunk trophy, that I will try and get made fairly cheaply by a friend who has facilities to make such a thing. I’d also like to do a solid set of prizes for painting, but these will definitely depend on the available prize pool.   Last but not least, I intend to offer a fully painted army as a prize. This will be from my own collection if I haven’t managed enough entry fees to cover it, and will only be painted by me, so it won’t be an heirloom, but their are plenty of players out there who aren’t into painting, so I figure it should go down well. It will likely be...

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Carnage4u’s Terrain Blog #7

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by Brian Giese It has been a while since I made my last terrain blog.  I have been busy playing warmachine and I move in a week, so I havent started any big new project recently.  I’m hoping to begin more big projects in the next couple months after I settle into my new apartment.   For now I did recently make some water pieces and some small ruin pieces. I donated all these pieces to our local game stores, as I feel it’s always nice to just have some nice water/wall pieces for people to play with.  I also feel its nice to have some different type of terrain pieces, so I made some rough terrain hill pieces.  These have been very popular.   Step 1 Start of the water pieces. I used some Cauk I bought at Wal-Mart for the edges. I then just put a layer of sand over the base.     Step 2 I painted the bottom of the water blueish/green, and just put a layer of green around the edge.     Step 3 I used Woodland scenic water effects. I poured  3 layers of water effects. Waited 1 day between layers for the water to dry.  I also added some small rocks and such between layers. I also put  a dusting of flock in the middle layer to make it look like algae         These are the final pictures, after I added a variety of flock.       I also created some small wall pieces/small ruin pieces   Rough Terrain...

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MoM’s Podcast #10

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MoM’s Podcast #10 Topics: Math Newbie Talk, News and Announcements, SR2012 Flank Scenarios, Muse on Mail, Adepticon Tournament reports Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:48:04 — 153.9MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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PP Model Gallery — Adepticon

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Privateer Press shows off their new Minis at Adepticon. See closeups of Conquest, Stormwall, Vlad3, Threemo, New plastic kits for Trolls, Circle, Legion, Skorne, Cryx, Menoth and Cygnar. Lots of other cool minis as well. Enjoy...

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PP Model Gallery — Adepticon

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Privateer Press shows off their new Minis at Adepticon. See closeups of Conquest, Stormwall, Vlad3, Threemo, New plastic kits for Trolls, Circle, Legion, Skorne, Cryx, Menoth and Cygnar. Lots of other cool minis as well. Enjoy !!

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Adepticon Diorama — Mountain King !!

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Video of the Adepticon Diroama.

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Adepticon 2012 Diorama — Mountain King !!

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Video of the Privateer Press Adepticon 2012 Diroama.

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