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Lock and Load 2012 Masters Coverage

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I’ll be running live coverage of the Lock and Load 2012 Masters tournament all day.  Check back here for updates as the round results come in.  Starting out, I have the player list with the factions and casters they are running today. Top 16 Players Player Faction Casters Michael Davies Retribution Vyros (4), Ossyan (2,3), Garryth (1) Will Pagani Circle Kromac, pBaldur, eKreuger (1,2) Eric Nelson Cryx pDeneghra, eGaspy, Terminus (1,2) Jason Watt Skorne  Xerxis (1). eHexeris (3), pMakeda(2) Jason Flanzer Trollbloods  Borka (2), pHoarluk (1), eGrissel (3) Ryan Tomlinson Cryx  eGaspy (1), eDeneghra (2) ,pSkarre (3) Stephan Kemper Khador eSorscha (3), pIrusk (1), Old Witch (2) Marc Gramatges Cygnar  eNemo, eHayley (1,2), eStryker (3) John Demaris Protectorate eFeora (2), pKreoss (1), Harbinger (3) James Sligar Khador pIrusk (2), pSorscha (3), eSorscha (1) Billy Robin Legion Bethayne (1,2), Saeryn, eLylth Gord Weppler Circle  pKreuger (1,2), eKreuger (2), eBaldur Thomas Hoffman Khador Strakhov, eButcher (1, 2), eSorscha (3) Tyler Webb Skorne  pMorghul (2), eHexeris (1), Xerxis Jacob VanMeter Legion Bethayne (3), pThagrosh (2), eVayl (1) Keith Christianson Cygnar eHayley, pHayley (2), pCaine (1,3) Round 1 1.  Jason Flanzer, 1-0 (pDoomshaper) defeats Eric Nelson, 0-1 (Terminus) 2.  Jake VanMeter (eVayl), 1-0 defeats James Sligar, 0-1 (eSorscha) 3.  Thomas Hoffman, 1-0 (eButcher) defeats Tyler Webb, 0-1 (eHexeris) 4.  Will Pagani, 1-0 (eKreuger) defeats Billy Robin, 0-1 (Bethayne) 5.   Keith Christianson, 1-0 (pCaine) defeats Jason Watt, 0-1 (Xerxis) 6.  Ryan Tomlinson, 1-0 (eGaspy) defeats John Demaris, 0-1 (pKreoss) 7.  Gord Weppler (pKreuger), 1-0 defeats Michael Davies, 0-1 (Garyth) 8.  Mark Gramtages, 1-0 (eHayley) defeats Stephan Kemper, 0-1 (pIrusk) Round 2 – Incursion Winner’s Bracket 1.  Thomas Hoffman, 2-0 (eButcher) defeatsGord Wepler, 1-1 (eKreuger) 2.  Ryan Tomlinson, 2-0 (eDeneghra) defeats Keith Christianson, 1-1 (pHaley) 3.  Jake Van Meter, 2-0 (pThagrosh) defeats Marc Gramatges, 1-1 (eHaley). 4.  Jason Flanzer, 2-0 (Borka) defeats Will Pagani, 1-1 (eKreuger) Loser’s Bracket 5.  Billy Robin, 1-1 (Bethayne) defeats Jason Watt, 0-2 (pMakeda) 6.  Stephan Kemper, 1-1 (Old Witch) defeats James Sligar, 1-1 (pIrusk) 7.  Erik Nelson, 1-1 (Terminus) defeats Michael Davies, 0-2 (Ossyan) 8.  Tyler Webb, 1-1 (pMorghul) defeats John Demaris, 0-2 (eFeora)   Will Pagani, Billy Robin, Eric Nelson, Thomas Hoffman, and Marc Gramatges repeated their round 1 list choice.  They must play one of their remaining two lists in round 3, and their final unplayed list in the finals. Round 3 – Bunkers Winner’s Bracket 1.  Jake Van Meter, 3-0 (Bethayne) defeats Ryan Tomlinson, 2-1 (pSkarre) 2.  Jason Flanzer, 3-0 (eGrissel) defeats Thomas Hoffman, 2-1 (eSorscha) Loser’s Bracket 3.  Jason Watt, 1-2 (eHexeris) defeats John Demaris, 0-3 (Harbinger) 4.  James Sligar, 1-2 (pSorscha) defeats Michael Davies, 0-3 (Ossyan 5.  Gord Weppler,  2-1 (pKreuger) defeats Stephan Kemper, 1-2 (eSorscha) 6.  Keith Christianson, 2-1 (pCaine) defeats Marc Gramatges, 1-2 (eStryker) 7.  Tyler Webb – BYE Eric, Billy and Will all dropped. Of the top 4, everyone except Thomas Hoffman will have a choice of lists should they make it to the finals. Round 4 Finals – Supply and Demand 1.  Jason Flanzer (pHoaruk) defeats Jake Van Meter (eVayl) Loser’s Bracket 2.  Michael Davies (Vyros) defeats Stephan Kemper (pIrusk) 3.  James Sligar (pSorscha)defeats Marc Gramatges (eNemo) 4.  Ryan Tomlinson (eGaspy) defeats Thomas Hoffman (Strakhov) 5.  Gord Weppler (eBaldur) defeats Tyler Webb (eHexeris) Watt, Keith, and John dropped....

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Circle Solo Review

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Hello and welcome back, dear readers, to yet another look into the enigmatic Circle Orboros faction. Today, I examine each Circle solo available, and the battle engine. I’ll go through each of the various uses of the solos, and good times to include each. As always, I encourage feedback, criticism, and condescension. Blackclad Wayfarer – The blackclad is one of my favorite models, in every sense of the word. He looks sweet, and has sweet rules. This guy is an awesome toolbox of utility for a mere 2 points. First, he has a decent enough speed to get places, has good MAT if he wanted to punch someone in the face, and solid defensive stats, especially considering he’s immune to fire, lightning and frost. He has a magical reach weapon for making people think twice about free strikes and threatening the odd incorporeal model/unit. The real reasons to bring him, though, are his abilities. First, his magic ability is the same as his MAT, so he’s pretty decent at using it. He has hunter’s mark, which has an average range and gives the amazing +2″ to charges and slams, and allows beasts to do so for free. This can phenomenally extend the threat range of your beasts, and really improves their fury efficiency as well. One risk, however, is that they may then charge straight out of your control area. Be sure to keep your caster or druid wilder in range of the target so your beast can eat its’ face. Also, this ability stacks with other modifiers, like bounding from the gnarlhorn, and dog pile from Kaya 2. That, dear readers, is very nice. He also has phase jump, so you can quickly redeploy to the other side of the table. Essentially, it allows the blackclad that is very close to the stone a free place completely within 12″ or to be placed within 2″ of a shifting stone. Note that after you do this your activation does end, so no attacking after. Finally, he has a medium range spray, with crit knockdown, and a high enough power that any infantry will most likely be killed. This guy is phenomenal if you’re planning on running our slower constructs, especially outside of the Baldurs. I already mentioned the synergy with Kaya 2 and the gnarlhorn. He also works great for just infantry clearing. I take 2 in the vast majority of my lists, and I can honestly say I’ve never regretted having either. Recommendation: 9/10. Celestial Fulcrum – That’s not a moon! The fulcrum actually represents 3 moons, if I remember correctly. It is huge based, and comes with a hefty price tag. It has fairly average stats for a model of its size, and is pretty easy to kill from non-elemental damage (being immune to the elements). It does have the nifty ability to boost to hit or damage any of its 3 shots. The first is a powerful, short ranged firey attack with a medium sized AOE, which leaves a cloud effect in its location. The second is a moderately powerful, moderate ranged electric attack with electro-leap. And lastly, it has a spray that has crit freeze. It has the nifty ability to fire anywhere in its front arc of 360 degrees, and while in melee too....

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Mayhem Cup by the numbers

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Straight on to a look at the Mayhem Cup, another of the qualifiers for Warmachine Weekend Masters. These numbers include the main Mayhem Cup 50 point tournament, as well as the 35 point tournament. Attendance A total of 59 players participated in the event. 166 games were played across both tournaments. ELO Ranking All games were entered into a ranking, which can be found at the address below: http://www.wmladder.com/ranking/3 Faction Popularity At this point it becomes interesting to see how the distribution of factions differs from the 2012 season baseline. That’s a little presumptuous at this point, as the 2012 baseline I can compare it to consists only of the tournaments at Templecon, but it’s fun to compare anyway. The armies were distributes across the factions as follows, baseline in red, current event in blue. Faction # armies % armies Circle Orboros 5 8% Cryx 7 12% Cygnar 7 12% Khador 7 12% Legion of Everblight 7 12% Mercenaries 4 7% Minions 2 3% Protectorate of Menoth 6 10% Retribution of Scyrah 5 8% Skorne 5 8% Trollbloods 4 7% A remarkably similar turnout, with slightly fewer Cryx and Circle players, in favor of Protectorate and Retribution. Faction Performance A look at the performance per faction, once again compared to the baseline in red. Faction # armies ± interval Circle Orboros 54,2% 19,9% Cryx 58,5% 15,1% Cygnar 57,1% 18,3% Khador 44,1% 16,7% Legion of Everblight 42,1% 15,7% Mercenaries 38,9% 22,5% Minions 38,5% 26,4% Protectorate of Menoth 43,3% 17,7% Retribution of Scyrah 43,3% 17,7% Skorne 55,6% 18,7% Trollbloods 69,6% 18,8% The confidence intervals are a little wider here, but we can make an well-educated guess that the 4 Trollblood players knew what they were doing. Circle and particularly Cygnar also performed above the norm, with Mercs and Minions disappointing a little. Cryx performed as it did at Templecon, which is still excellent. Top Bracket Let’s again look at the Top 25% of players. A nice and even spread across the factions, no spikes. How did those players perform? Some interesting things to look at, here. Only the top (2) Circle players seemed to fare well. The others either dropped out early or took a beating. Combined with the Templecon data, where the win rate doubled from 40% to 80% when looking at the top quartile, it can be hypothesised that Circle is indeed a skill-intensive faction. Only one Cygnar player made it to the top 25%, but he went undefeated. The other Cygnar players did pretty well too, though. These numbers also seems to corroborate the notion that Cryx can give a leg-up, but provides no significant advantage at the top level of play. All the trollblood players got very good results, but didn’t make it to the very top. Perhaps unnecessary to point it out, but I personally like seeing how much the win percentages really shoot upwards when you examine the top players. It shows it really all comes down to skill. Faction Matchups FInally, just for the sake of completeness, the faction matchups. I’ve included the table showing the number of games played. Obviously, for such a low number of games per matchup, it doesn’t say much of anything about the odds, rather just about the individual games played. Meta Positioning Because 4 players who participated in...

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Toruk to Tyrant – May Recap and thoughts on the first 5 months playing skorne.

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Another Month has come and gone.  May was a great month for me.  I had a lot of good games with skorne, and I recently moved to a nice new apartment (but you probably dont care about that as much as I do) I did play a few less games this month because of my move, but I did manage to make 2 different events. I did already cover my Mayhem Cup results early this month. This time I wish to cover the following topics Summary of May games (brief discussion of 2nd event I went to) Overview of my first 5 months so far with skorne (and compared to first 5 months with cryx last year) Revisiting Zaal Finding that second warlock for SR events. Bonus – Modified Bronzeback (It can go base to base with another model)         Summary of May games (brief discussion of 2nd event I went to) I manged to play 23 games in the month of May. I played in 2 events, and I won 71% of my games in May. Lord Assassin Morghoul 1 games Dominar Rasheth  2 games (both in tournaments) Lord Arbiter Hexeris 5 games (3 in tournaments) Supreme Aptimus Zaal 13  games (10 in tournaments)   The 2nd event I went to this month was a local event, and I decided to have some fun and I played a Zaal theme force along with finally forcing myself to play a little with Epic Hexeris.   I discovered that both casters play very similarly.  I did mange to lose a game with each caster.  The are so similar that I may not play very much more with Epic Hexeris for a while.  I believe he is good, but he does not fit my style of play as much as Zaal does. I really hate rolling 1d6 for spell effects, and ashes to ashes will drive me crazy.  This event did reinforce my thoughts on why I don’t take the Zaal theme force to competitive events.  It is a good theme force (and fun to play), but it limits me too much from the models I want on the table. I still managed to get best of hordes and Skorne coin even with 2 losses.               Overview of my first 5 months so far with skorne     In the first 5  months of 2011 I attended 9 Events with cryx.  (13 total tournaments, since I played in 4 events at AdeptiCon).  I managed to win 3 of the events (including the Team event at AdeptiCon) I also nabbed one 3rd place.   I made it into the finals at AdeptiCon but did not place. By this time in 2011 I had played around 55 games with Cryx. In the first 5 months of 2012 I attended 8 events with my skorne. (2 were mayhem cups, and one was AdeptiCon, for a total of 13 events)  I managed to win 2 of the events, I also nabbed one 3rd place, and at the latest Mayhem Cup I went 5-1 to get 5th place (out of 59 people)  I am still sad I was so sick during all of AdeptiCon, as its such a fun con.  I also managed a Best of hordes and Skorne coin in one event I went 3-2. It was a bad...

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Win a Kraken !!!

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Go to our new forums.   Register for an account.     Win Prizes !!   Here are the details !!   http://museonminis.com/forums/index.php?topic=25.0  ...

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Theme Forces Spoiled here

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Hey guys,   Quick update from Lock and Load with the theme forces.   Artificer General Nemo — Lightning War   Jacks:  Lancers, Cygnar non-character warjacks with immunity electricity, Thead Units:  Field Mechanics, Cygnar units with Immunity to Electricity Solos:  Junior,  Cygnar solos with immunity electricity BE’s:  Storm Strider   Tier 1 — Reduce stormgaurd units by 1 Tier 2 — Add stormwall.   You can place any number of the stormpods before the start of the game 20″ from the back edge of the table. Tier 3 — 2 more units +2″ of deployment Tier 4 — Include a character warjack with Immunity electricity — first control phase jacks get 1 focus     Intercessor Kreoss — Revelations of the Creator   Jacks:  FOS and Non Chars Units:  Choir, Exemplar units, Prot Cav Units Solos:  Reclaimers, Exemplar Solos, Vassal Solos Battle Engines:  Vessel of Judgement   Tier 1 — Increase the FA of non character Cav solos and units by 1 Tier 2 — Vengers = +1 to starting roll of the game Tier 3 — FOS = Heavy warjacks with no ranged weapons = minus 1 point Tier 4 — Choir.  For each choir included one jack gets advance move     Vladimi Tzepesci, Great Prince of Umbrey   Jacks:  Non-character warjacks, Drago Units:  Battle Mechaniks, Khador Cav Units Solos:  War Dog, Khador cav solos Battle Engines:  Gun Carriage   Tier 1 — Increase FA of non-character cav solos, units, and battle engines by 1 Tier 2 — Army includes 2 or more cav units. Warjacks get +2 speed during your first turn of the game. Tier 3 — Two cav solos. +1 on starting roll. Tier 4 — Plus Drago. Warjacks -1 cost. Asphyxious The Hellbringer Jacks: Non-character warjacks, Cankerworm, Malice Units:  Bile Thralls, Mech Thralls, Necrosurgeons, Soulhunters, Withershadow Combine Solos:  Warwitch Sirens, non-character undead Cryx solos Battle Engines:  Wrath Engines   Tier 1 — Free necrotech for each helljack. Tier 2 — Plus Pistol Wraith.  Pistol Wraiths gain AD. Tier 3 — Three or more units.  Each model begins the game with with a corpse or soul token. Tier 4 — Plus Kraken.  +2″ deployment zone.   Vyros, Incissar of the Dawnguard Jacks:  Myrmidons with force field damage fields Units:  Dawnguard Units Solos:  Arcanist, Dawnguard solos   Tier 1 — Destors become FA:U.  Destors -1 cost Tier 2 — One or more Dawnguard Sentinel units.  Dawnguard Sentinels gain AD. Tier 3 —  One or more Dawnguard Destor Thane.  Destor units and solos gain +2 speed on first turn. Tier 4 — Vyros’ battlegroup includes one or more heavy warjacks.  Warjacks are allocated 1 focus on first turn.   General Ossrum Jacks:  Mercenary Rhulic non-character warjacks Units: Mercenary Rhulic units Solos: Mercenary Rhulic solo   Tier 1 — One unit gains AD. Tier 2 —  Two or more units with ranged weapons.  Place one trench template within 20″ of the back edge. Tier 3 — Add two or more solos.  Friendly models can start affected by Ossrum’s upkeep spells.  No ukeep cost first turn. Tier 4 — Add three or more warjacks.  Warjacks gain +2 speed during your first...

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Road to War Episode 7

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Road to War In our pre-Lock and Load episode, we talk about Stormwall, the lists we are going to play in Masters and Hardcore, the coverage of Lock and Load that will be up on Muse on Minis, Wargames Con, and answer some questions.   Send us an e-mail at aroadtowar@gmail.com with any questions!   Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:05:55 — 60.4MB)Subscribe: Android |...

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It’s the Humidity: A Chronicle on Being Forged in the Fires of the Midwestern Meta

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Recently, I was asked to chronicle our playgroup’s attempts to ascend the ladder of greatness and rest in the halls of Valhalla aside the great Metas of the Midwest. I decided to embrace the opportunity as it presented the chance to really think about what a Meta needs to be considered a “top-tier” playgroup. As such, this blog/article/series/whatever will be an attempt to record the litany of progress that we here in Springfield, IL are so desperately trying to make.  But, before I really dig into what we are currently doing, it is important to know where we are coming from. So I present to you the humble history of our meta and what brought us to where we are today: The Springfield meta (if you could really call it that) originally consisted of 4 or 5 old friends who were just looking for a fun game to play together in a casual environment. Tournaments were virtually non-existent and light, casual affairs wherein players would simply play their favorite models against each other and have a nice, relaxed time.  Springfield was a place steeped in the hobby aspect but lacked a reckoning for the competitive side, a place where the ideas of game theory, time management, and caster match-up evaluations were far from consideration. In the Fall of 2008, everything changed. Springfield was hit with a surge of fresh, young faces, eager to learn and even more eager for blood. We were a group that wanted to analyze and theorize. We were a group looking for competition and looking to Warmachine/Hordes to provide it. We saturated the meta with a lust for challenge and those who were not up to the trials and tribulations of competition slowly faded away from the game. We wanted to travel. We practiced with the best lists we could come up with, looking to Diecon 2009 as our battlefield on which to test our mettle. June approached and we girded ourselves for glorious victory. We lost. A lot. We saw ‘Casters we had only read, we faced combo’s we had never considered, and we found that we were simply not prepared. We walked away from Diecon humbled and with a newfound respect for what can be accomplished within this game. We went home to lick our wounds and spread the tale of the power of the St. Louis-ian meta. Fast forward to 2010. The advent of the Mark II rule set, unsurprisingly, brought us another surge of new players. This time, the existing meta was ready for a new era of competition and we welcomed this new group of competitively-minded players with open arms. Our meta shifted yet again, but instead of the change being a culling, it was a fortification of our existing hunger for fierce opposition. We set our sites on Diecon again; convinced that with our newly bolstered ranks we would have a magnificent showing. Remember Diecon 2009? Yeah, that again. We dried our tears and moped home once more. It was at Diecon 2010 that we were exposed to the Madison, the Iowan, and the Detroit Metas and we were once again blown away. Here were three other groups of players aside from the STL crew that were intensely good at the game.  We left Diecon that year not feeling...

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