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I love huge based models. Call me crazy,[1] but out of the 20 huge based models,[2] there is only a couple I would never actually want. Those that I would not use, will probably surprise those who do not know me. The guys in the area around here, already know my foibles as it were. With the release of Gargantuans coming up and my lack of a Hordes army, I found that this is good a time as any to delve into the wilds of the Fury mechanic.

I had a decision to make, of course, as to which one it shall be. When determining a new army, I look at fluff and models first. Combat effectiveness tends to be last on the plate. If I play in a tournament,[3] I am definitely not going to be winning.[4] I used the following standards, in order, to decide on the faction – Huge based models looks, Huge base models effectiveness, Warlock looks, Warlock Effectiveness, faction fluff and finally overall look of the faction. Yes, some of these are subjective.

By using these standards, I quickly eliminated 3 factions. The first was Minions – no Huge base models makes it easy. The next was Trolls. Believe it or not, Trolls did not make it past the look phase. I do not like the look of either the Mountain King or the War Wagon. I am sure I will get some heat about not liking the looks of Mr. MK, but just not a fan of the looks of most troll models. The last of these three is Circle. Their downfall came about due to a number of little things that added up to “don’t play us yet” answer. The Woldwrath is nice, as are some of the casters, but none of the models called to me and said “PLAY ME NOW!” That happened with the last two factions.

Obviously the last two are Legion and Skorne. Since Mk1 Skorne has always been itching at the back of mind as the Horde faction to do. Legion has great looking models and I am sure Lylyth3 is going to continue this. This decision took quite some time to come to, like 3 months. Yeah, I might overthink things. Right when I was about to commit to Legion, the Mammoth and Makeda3[5] images were released. After lots of hemmin’ and hawin’[6] it came down to the overall look of the faction that won me over – I love back banners. Yes, I say that now, knowing that by the end of this I probably will not.

Backbanners? You won’t play me because of backbanners?!

Thankfully, I know exactly which warlocks I will use when I make my lists. Our area, two lists is the norm, so the two warlocks I will use are Makeda3 and Dominar Rasheth.[7] These are based on looks alone. When I first saw PETA, I had to do a double, then a triple take just to see how awesome this guy looks. Do not care how good he is, I am putting that thing[8] together and painting him, were my initials thoughts on him. Makeda3, on the other hand, did not require a second look at the model to know I wanted to paint her up as well. Now, what to add with them, always the beginning of my downfall.

“Makeda3 that’s a funny name for a girl from Skorne, what do they call you over there?” “They call me Ms. Makeda!

I have not decided what I will bring with Makeda3 other than Molik Karn and a Bronzeback. Anything less would be uncivilized. Not knowing what her spells and abilities are, nor her tier lists makes it hard. I like doing tier lists, not just any tier, but tier 4 – see above regarding downfalls. So let’s skip to PETA.

“There! Take me where there are elephants to torture.”

I had a problem with PETA, I did not like his original tier with the huge based models. Especially the oversized turtle, Animantarax. Yes, I want to use the Animantarax…don’t hate! Ok, yes hate, it might be deserved. At the point cost, I was just not feeling it, though. The PP gave PETA a new tier list, the Siege Column. What? Huge based models are a point cheaper…aaaannnnddd the turtle starts with three rage tokens? Sign me up! Is the tier perfect? No. I can’t use that Willbreaker I just bought, nor can I use Molik or the Bronzeback.[9] Le sigh. I do get to use pretty much everything else I like and want in Skorne.

This is the list that I came up with, which I am going to be ordering soon.

  • Dominar Rasheth
  • Aptimus Marketh
  • Mammoth (required for tier 4)
  • Cyclops Raider
  • Cyclops Shaman
  • Basilisk Krea
  • Siege Animantarax (required for tier 3)
  • Agonizer
  • Paingiver Beast Handlers – Leader & 3 Grunts
  • Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer (required for tier 2)
  • Venator Catapult Crew – Leader & 2 Grunts (required for tier 2)
  • Swamp Gobbers Bellows Crew – Leader & 1 Grunt
“Give me a hug! Why won’t anyone give me a hug?!”

With four warbeasts on the table, I hopefully will not have too much trouble with fury generation. I included the Raider to go with the Mammoth, to just get a bit more range on that nice cannon. The Shaman is there for his nice animus and Craft Talisman, but the big thing is so he can cast the Mammoth’s animus and leave the big guy’s fury to use for killin’. The defense bonus the Krea gives out is to keep people honest.

The one thing I am not sure on is the light artillery unit – the Catapult. For the tier, you must include at least one light artillery unit. There are two choices, the catapult and the flayer cannon. I chose the Catapult for two very good reasons. First, it is one point cheaper so I can include the Gobbers. Second, it is $8 cheaper. If someone can tell me that it is worth the $8 dollars over the Catapult, I would consider the Cannon.

Over the next few months I hope to get these models and keep a running log of my progress with them. Including putting together, painting and then finally any games I play.[10] But between now and then, do let me know what you think of the list and how I might tweak it. Just keep in mind, that the two huge based models are not leaving PETA and might make an appearance with Makeda3.[11]

Now, I just need to find a name for the Mammoth. Bert? Stompy? Hmm. Suggestions are welcome!

[1] And most people do

[2] Including the unseen Lylyth3 model

[3] Which as the guy who runs them here doesn’t happen often.

[4] Unless I am playing Legion with a ringer list someone else made.

[5] Spoiler Alert

[6] I’m trying to fit in with these Southerners!

[7] AKA PETA – People for Elephant Torturing Animi

[8] I am not sure he qualifies as a “He”

[9] Damn, this is going to get expensive! Yay PG points!

[10] Rumor has it, I do not actually play this game.

[11] Unlikely with the turtle.

Author: Gribardson

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