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Finally, we reach an end point. This will be my final discussion of Lich2, unless there is some kind of huge change in how his lists are built, or models that are effective against him. I may do a year in review after the next Hordes book if it’s really changed how the game is played in respect to the big bad.

Today I’m going to look at a single Mercenaries list, briefly discuss Minions, and ask a few questions. Formatting will be a bit weird because of it!

Check out the first two articles for background on Lich.

Needs more BOOM!

The mercenary warcaster I’m going to suggest is Durgen Madhammer. Madhammer does insane amounts of work personally with his AoE gun. He can carpet bomb with Aiyana’s magical weapon buff up to destroy the front wave of incorporeal troops with prejudice, especially if he explosivo’s Herne and Jonne, and then pop his feat and use boosted blast damage to tear up the banes. You do have to be very careful as you’re playing him on the front lines not to get him feat assassinated. Make sure it’s hard or impossible to land banes around him, or easily clear his blockers with biles. Having the Basher right in front of him can be good for limiting space that can be biled free, pair it with a terrain feature if possible. It’s also handy for that free focus. You’ll also have Dougal and so be range 14” for one turn, and importantly artillerist for every turn.


Do me a favour and reload me old boy,

I think I see some chaps over there

who haven’t been thoroughly exploded!

Obviously you are play him in Five Star, because it’s awesome and primed, Rhupert buffed kayazy aren’t fair. Remember that primed rfps, so the primed unit cannot be targeted successfully by excarnate. And honestly, your opponent will almost certainly not remember this, so you can probably bait them into wasting a turn excarnating the primed unit, which is a vital swing. Durgen isn’t bad at shooting Lich to death, which means he has to play save as well, so that should somewhat curtail shenanigans. Everything in the list is either self-explanatory or stuff that I’ve used in other armies across the factions.

Durgen Madhammer, 6 warjack points

-Ghordson Basher, 7 points

Kayazy Assassins, full unit, 8 points

-Underboss unit attachment, 2 points

Boomhowler & Co., full unit, 9 points

Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters, full unit, 10 points

Alexia Ciannor and the Risen, 5 points

Herne & Jonne, 3 points

Aiyana & Holt, 4 points

Dougal McNaile, 2 points

Rhupert Carvolo, 2 points

Reinholdt, 1 point

Eiryss, Angel of the Retribution, 3 points

Sooo…. Rask?

So what about Minions? Honestly. I’m not sure they have a great answer. Maelok has lots of dead stuff, but relies on Arm buffing medium infantry which is inadvisable. Quagmire on Carver might protect him from few more feat banes than otherwise? Rask’s feat stops Lichs for one turn. You can’t take Shamblers, Slaughterhousers and Croc docs in the same list. Reliable shooting units are nowhere to be seen.

I’m not sure you can play the list building game against Lich2 at all. You probably just play Rask, and plan to enormously outplay you’re opponent. I wish I had more insight, but I don’t. Minions aren’t there as a faction yet, they are two separate incomplete factions.


The cause of and solution to.

In Conclusion

Those are my thoughts on the game’s most powerful caster. He’s an attrition monster, who’s very powerful in the hands of a weak player with little effort, but incredibly powerful in the hands of a master. There have been claims by famous and excellent players that a really strong Lich player cannot lose a game. I wouldn’t go quite so far, plus it’s clearly a bit of jokey hyperbole, but he is the top of the power curve.

Luckily Warmachine and Hordes have very shallow power curves. There are other sharks swimming nearby, darkening the waters. The current plan is to condense the style in which these articles are presented. Lich2 deserves a lot of attention, but the series was very long, and both I and, I’m sure several readers, got fatigued by the slog of the first series of Nemesis.

I’m currently all for feedback and thoughts. Anyone who enjoyed the series would be doing me a favour by making suggestions or telling me what you liked so that the next run can be even better!

There will also probably be a week or two of more random content. I’m thinking a lot about Khador recently, and playing a lot of Circle locally. So expect some wacky ideas and free form list building! Feel free to PM me on any of the boards I frequent, or email with questions and suggestions you’d like discussed during the break in full on series!

And, as always, stay classy!

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